Ten Minute Date Night

corn hole

I sat on the sidelines (read:  swept the dining room floor, wiped down the supper table, did the dishes…) while the family played corn hole last night, but when they were finished?  “Don’t put that away!” I insisted.

“You.  Me.  It’s on after bedtime.”

I was feeling rather confident, I suppose.

Bedtime came and went for the kids.  I put the baby down.  (Ahem.  Let’s try that again.)  I attempted to put the baby down, but she was having none of it.  So she joined us!

He held her.  I talked smack.  Told him when he loses he can’t blame the baby.  We tossed beanbags.

Five minutes later I suggested best 2 out of 3.

Five minutes after that I had already lost.  Again.

Well then.

It wasn’t planned.  Or fancy.  There was no food.  It ended with nothing but laughter and me grabbing the baby and getting ready for bed.  It lasted all of ten minutes. 

But we still connected and had fun.  Just us (and the baby 😉   ).  No computer.  No tv.  No distractions.  No cost.

Don’t wait for perfection.  It may very well never arrive.  Snag the 10 minutes you’re given and have some fun! 

Imperfect, unplanned date nights.  A Finer Thing for sure!



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  1. You KNOW I’m passionate about “at-home date nights”… I love this. LOVE. How fun is that??

  2. So true! Sometimes simple things mean the most.

  3. Our 4th child is about the same age as your baby, and we did something similar the other night. Except our game is Mancala (the wooden tray with the little glass stones). For years it has been our “something fairly mindless and relaxing to play after kids are in bed, while we chat” game. We can even play it while the baby is eating/being held.

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