Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Giving Students a Lesson in Spelling by Ewing Galloway

May 3-9 marks National Teacher Appreciation Week, with May 5 slated for Teacher Appreciation Day.

I’ve been there/done that, this whole teaching thing, and I know that any form of positive acknowledgment for the job that teachers do is the right form.  While their career should always be esteemed, the current budget cuts to schools combined with higher expectations for testing a wider range of abilities should encourage all of us to support our children’s teachers even more.

We are incredibly grateful for our daughter’s teachers and the excellent education she is getting in her tiny school.  I am purposing to show my gratitude in a special way next week!

Budgets are tight, and time is a scarce commodity, but do try to appreciate the teachers in your life.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Have your child create a thank you card.  Attach it to a goody bag of “freebies” you’ve collected:  lotion, lip balm, notepads, etc.
  2. Write a letter to a former favorite teacher of yours.
  3. Write a letter to one of your child’s current or past teachers.  (When one of my former 6th graders graduated high school, her mother wrote me a beautiful thank you letter.  I still have that letter, and it still brings tears to my eyes.)
  4. Provide breakfast for the teacher’s lounge.  This might be a fun project to complete with other parents.  A fruit tray with dip and some muffins (more muffin recipes here) or cinnamon rolls would be a hit!
  5. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper in praise of your school or teacher.
  6. Take your child to school one day next week, look his teacher in the eye, and say “Thank you for all you do.”  The power of the positive, spoken word!
  7. Use your swagbucks to gift a teacher with some free Starbucks.  Gift certificates are a teacher’s best friend!
  8. Volunteer in the classroom.  Read to the students, assemble/take down a bulletin board, clean the room with Clorox wipes, etc.
  9. Offer an evening of free babysitting if your child’s teacher has young children of her (or his!) own.
  10. Brighten the teacher’s desk with some lovely spring flowers or a houseplant that can be taken home at the end of the school year.

Bonus:  If you are your child’s teacher, give yourself a break!  Take the day off… go play, splurge on a special treat.  Know that your family appreciates you!

In what clever ways have you shown gratitude to a hardworking teacher?

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  1. Good ideas! Thanks for reminding us that this special day is approaching.

  2. I saw some adorable teacher gifts at the Dollar Store yesterday. As a former teacher though, I can say that having a student or parent write a letter of appreciation is so meaningful. Teaching is a lot of work, and many teachers invest a lot of personal time outside of the day for their students and classroom. It is so important to let them know that their hard work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed! Great post Amy!

  3. The teachers at my son’s former school (we homeschool now) were so open when I asked what they really wanted. Our version of the PTA took on the responsibility of stocking the teacher’s lounges. They loved being able to get a soft drink or snack without having to go to the main building for the vending machines! (small, private school)

    Thanks for sharing such great ideas!

  4. Great ideas! I homeschool & will be taking May 5th off to just have fun that day. 😉

  5. What great ideas! Thanks for the reminder–I had forgotten that it was approaching.

  6. I don’t have a child in school yet, but I’m telling ya, I really admire teachers! I could never have enough patience, especially with high school kids! I look forward to being able to thank my son’s teachers one day.

  7. Great ideas! Two of my best friends are teachers and they work so hard! I know they’d love any or all of these things!

    Thanks for linking up with Top Ten {Tuesday}!

  8. I do volunteer weekly. I too was a former teacher. Great list.

  9. Thank you for this reminder. I had completely forgotten about Teacher Appreciation Day… My sons are in preschool and I will definitely be thanking their teachers because the job they do is tremendous.

  10. Since I homeschool my kids is it proper for me to tell them that teacher apprication day is coming and that gifts will be accepted?!?

  11. Those are great suggestions!!

  12. I love these ideas, thank you! I so often forget all about the week until it is almost over..putting it on my calendar right now!

  13. As a former teacher I appreciate anyone who would go out of their way to show their appreciation in such thoughtful ways.


  14. I’m thinking I need to give my kids some hints that this is Teacher Appreciation week. (I can see the blank stares now…) 🙂

    I used to love TAW when I taught school. We really got spoiled by people all over the community.

  15. I, too, appreciate all the hard work our teachers give each day! I created a fairly inexpensive gift (I posted it on my blog a couple weeks ago) using tea bags and inspirational quotes. Then I also am having my kids write a special note to the teacher. It is SO important to let the teachers know how much we appreciate them!

    Thanks for all your ideas!!

  16. I’m living in Turkey. Teachers Day as November 24 is considered here.

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