Crowd Pleasing Cavatini

Crowd-Pleasing Cavatini was one of the very first recipes I published here, in September of 2008! It's still one of our favorite meals, easily feeds a dozen or more adults, and deserves a bit of a revival. [pinit count="horizontal"] Cavatini is a great recipe to "cook once, eat twice." It makes a lot (even for my tribe!) and freezes beautifully. I prepare it almost … [Read more...]

A Horse, Of Course

What's for Christmas this year? A horse, of course.  Made in the great state of Kansas by a kind, weathered grandpa with a fun set up at the local craft fair.  No plastic "made in China" horses for me!  ;-) Imaginary galloping on a speedy Mustang will rise to a new level!  I only wish I would have purchased three... My children love and need imaginary, active play.  They … [Read more...]

Living for Giving

Stewardship is not always a popular topic in local churches.  Often it invokes negative images or experiences.  But stewardship is a gift from God, a spiritual discipline and a means of God's grace. The above message from Bishop Kenneth L. Cardner was prominent on the back of our church bulletin last weekend.  It is timely as we all prepare for the holiday season (and is … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Pie

I should have titled this post "The Day Amy Became My Very Best Friend."  Seriously.  This cheesecake is that good!  My husband requests it for our anniversary, Valentine's Day, his birthday, Father's Day... Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Pie Pie Ingredients: 1 graham cracker pie crust (or make your own healthy one in an 8 inch pie pan) 8 oz. softened cream cheese 14 oz. … [Read more...]

Bloggy Recipes

I am all about trying new recipes, and I've found the blogging community to be a haven when it comes to great ones, tried-'n-true.  My problem has been that when I see a recipe on someone's site, I don't always bookmark it right away.  You know, the whole "I'll get back to that later" fantasy.  Or I do bookmark it, but I never get around to trying it.  No more.  If you are … [Read more...]