It’s Not a Bargain if You Don’t Need It

Delighting in the Frugal Find is a wonderful thing.  Going over budget on a bunch of unneeded stuff, bargain or not, may very well net you a cluttered home, an empty bank account, and less time for the things that matter. [pinit count="horizontal"] I love a good bargain. When I enter a store, any store, I delight in discovering All Things CLEARANCE. When we lived in … [Read more...]

Simply… Christmas!

Christmas is completely out of control in almost every way.  Overspending, overbooking, and overdoing seems to be the societal theme... but in some ways our family likes to challenge society a bit.  Here are some things we do to keep Christmas as simple and meaningful as possible. We don't rush Christmas.  Christmas doesn't start Thanksgiving night or the day after … [Read more...]

Join Them!

My kids are great teachers.  They teach me how to slow down.  They show me what really matters.  They help me get back to the basics and focus on the Finer Things. Children are all about simplicity.  Feed me.  Clothe me.  Love me.  Feed me.  They like to be fed, too. I had a couple of choices when my little scavengers bellied up to the apple crisp bar … [Read more...]

Private Parade

Children tend to march to the beat of their own drummer.  My kids... they march, and dance, and twirl to the beat of their very own drum-line! The Kansas State Fair begins today, and this week our high school band shows their Tiny Town Stuff at Band Day.  Because of where we live (location, location, location!) we are the proud recipients of our very own parade every day for … [Read more...]