The Runaway Garden {Frugal Gardening Linky}

Somebody remind me to plant fewer squash next year, okay?  This is what I picked tonight. I'm sure there are more zucchini lurking in the vines, but it was getting dark (the only time it's not 120° out) and they were well camouflaged, as my 5 year old would say.  And yes, sadly, that is how our grass looks throughout the yard.  Still no rain here, and the sprinkler … [Read more...]

Sweet Corn Harvest {Frugal Gardening Link Up}

We temporarily traded in our backyard gardening today for this. Actually, only our oldest made it out to the field for picking at 6:00 a.m. after spending the night, but the rest of us joined in for shucking, hairing, cutting, and bagging.  It's sweet corn harvest time! Ripe and ready to eat. Shifting a truck load of ears to be shucked or bagged for family and … [Read more...]

Free Weed Suppressor {Frugal Gardening 101}

I'm not a fan of weeds in my vegetable garden.  Actually, sometimes I am, but that's only because I can't always tell the difference between the weeds and the plants.  ;)  The thing is though, we actually like to eat the veggies we grow (novel idea, I know!) and I depend on child labor to get the garden growing.  Spraying on harsh weed killers?  Not really an option. This … [Read more...]

Guide to Gardening and Preserving Winner

Congratulations, #45. That's Karen, who said "I would love to learn about the whole process of gardening. May start one next year." The rest of you should head on over to Laura's shop to buy her e-book (and to drool over all the other books she has to offer!) Happy Gardening!  And Canning!  And Freezing! … [Read more...]

Garden Tip: Sugar Water

Maybe it's because I'm still a garden newbie, but I get such a kick out of checking my plants each morning... and evening... and during the day if it's not 100° out.  It's an awesome thing to watch food grow.  God sure knows how to entertain! These gorgeous crookneck squash blooms greeted me this morning.  And where there are blooms, there soon will be lots and lots of … [Read more...]