It’s Not a Bargain if You Don’t Need It

Delighting in the Frugal Find is a wonderful thing.  Going over budget on a bunch of unneeded stuff, bargain or not, may very well net you a cluttered home, an empty bank account, and less time for the things that matter. [pinit count="horizontal"] I love a good bargain. When I enter a store, any store, I delight in discovering All Things CLEARANCE. When we lived in … [Read more...]

Menu Planning

My cyber-friend Phoebe gave us all a little frugal-thinking assignment this week.  Her timing was good, as I've had a few questions asked lately about my meal planning strategy.  Here's the lowdown. How many weeks do you plan at a time? I always make sure I have a full week planned by Sunday evening, but I often pencil in recipes throughout the week as I find ingredients on … [Read more...]


There are times when this whole frugal thing really starts to get to me. I begin to wonder what it would be like to have a new vehicle, or a finished basement... or cable.  I get frustrated with the time it takes to match coupons with sales. I get a little chilly in my 66° living room. And then I see something like this. After the guilt subsides, I go about my … [Read more...]

Frugal Beginnings – Start Where You Are

When I received the following goosebumps-inducing email from a real-life friend who has been an encouragement in my blogging, it resonated with me that frugality isn't the same for everyone.  We all have different resources and different goals.  It's not so much important that you cook everything from scratch or use coupons or save to pay off all debt before you have any fun... … [Read more...]

Wholey Cow!

After receiving a few questions about our beef stash, I thought it would be fun to show you our most recent gift.  Here it is:  a whole cow.  (And don't tell my uncles that I called it a cow.  That's not the right term, because cows are mamas, and you can't use mamas for meat... except hamburger... because they are older and their meat is tougher.  I think.) We generally … [Read more...]