{Easy & Effective} Fruit Fly Trap

I've seen all sorts of contraptions with paper cones and tape, but sometimes simple is just as effective. When the fruit flies are swarming, this is all you need to drown them to their demise. Apple Cider Vinegar + Dish Soap = Frugal Fruit Fly Trap [pinit count="horizontal"] [print_recipe] Fruit Fly Trap ¼ cup apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon dish soap Mix in a … [Read more...]

Wholey Cow! Beef Cuts

As promised last week, here's a better look at the actual cuts we get for our quarter of beef. First though, I cannot recommend enough that you use crates or some other organizing system when you have a full freezer.  It is so nice to lift a crate and get to the bottom, rather than digging through three feet of frozen goods to find something.  We can fit four crates in our … [Read more...]

Wholey Cow!

After receiving a few questions about our beef stash, I thought it would be fun to show you our most recent gift.  Here it is:  a whole cow.  (And don't tell my uncles that I called it a cow.  That's not the right term, because cows are mamas, and you can't use mamas for meat... except hamburger... because they are older and their meat is tougher.  I think.) We generally … [Read more...]

Grocery Shopping?

Take the kids! Huh?  Doesn't that go against the very grain of all things sane?  But... but... I won't get to cross check every one of my coupons with the sales flyer and manager's specials!  And speaking of manager's specials, I won't have time to scour the aisles for those happy orange and yellow stickers! Work with me here.  Take the kids! Preferably during naptime.  … [Read more...]

Best Bulk Buy

**Giveaway is closed.** Although I gave up my membership recently, I've enjoyed my fair share of years wandering the aisles of SAM'S club in search of great bulk deals (and yummy sample snacks along the way!)  I still have access to bulk buying -- thanks to "friends in high places" -- but with grocery store sales and coupons, I could almost give it up.  Almost. There is … [Read more...]