Breastfeeding Support

From Emily: I’m planning to breastfeed our first baby in February. I’m not too concerned about that just because I know I will need to ask for help and I know it may not be an easy start, but it’s important to me to make it work. What I’m more concerned about probably is other people’s reactions to my breastfeeding. My husband’s parents have already made comments like, “Well, … [Read more...]

No, it’s not a sinus headache.

My baby's recent 2 month check up was less about her and more about me.  She's gaining weight, gaining chub, and healthy as can be. Me, on the other hand... on appointment day I was in the throes of a nasty headache that I simply could not shake.  I remembered getting it when baby #4 was a month or 2 old, also, so I tried not to "go there" thinking I was dying of a brain … [Read more...]

Pumping Breastmilk at Work

Yes, I know.  I keep abandoning the Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me? series.  I'm a mess like that.  This guest post, though, was recently discovered in the black hole that is my "blog drafts," and it needs to be shared. One of the daunting aspects of breastfeeding has to be What will I do when I go back to work?  Will pumping work for me?  When I went back to teaching, it … [Read more...]

Coping with Colic {Ask the Readers}

I've birthed a couple of fussy babies. In fact, the running joke in our family is that if our third baby had been our first... she'd be our only!  Nah, it wasn't that bad, but we did have our moments hours days! I'm not quite sure what even qualifies a colicky baby, but I've heard a few horror stories of non-stop crying for hours on end, with virtually no way to calm baby … [Read more...]

Pumping Breastmilk

Guest post from Allison. Two short years ago, I was blessed with a healthy, perfect, adorably pouty-lipped little boy. He was amazing. And my heart instantly broke and was put back together again. In a way that I never imagined possible. I was at once in love and completely vulnerable. Before I gave birth, my hubby and I talked and agreed that breastfeeding was the … [Read more...]