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I’ve learned something about myself over the last few years, which I posted hereA nice, leisurely start to the morning does not work for me. I must get up and get productive because if it doesn’t get done in the morning, it just might go undone!

Something else I’ve learned (please don’t throw rotten tomatoes)… I really like Monday mornings. Strange, I know, but Mondays signal a “do over” for me.  A fresh start to my homemaking week (I totally take the weekends off except for removing the really big chunks of food from the floor).

Yay for Tammy picking up Making Your Home a Haven this week!  Things have gotten a little out of control lately, and I need to refocus my efforts toward my family and my home.  For me, that starts with a productive morning.

Tammy asked us to come up with a Five Things Morning RoutineFive things? There is so much more that needs to be done, but maybe if I can train myself to do the following five things consistently, early every morning, the rest of my morning and my day will roll along smoothly… and productively!

  1. Get dressed/face/teeth/shower all of that. Sometimes I tend to rush into breakfast or laundry without getting my physical (or spiritual) self ready for the day, and then it’s noon and I haven’t brushed my hair!
  2. Quiet time. This is something that I desperately need in my routine.  No computer.  No movement.  No kids.  Just me and my Bible and a short devotion.  My priorities align when I make first things first.
  3. Start/switch laundry. I know I’m not alone with my seemingly endless laundry piles.  I try to do about three loads (washed, dried, folded, put away) three mornings a week.  Like most things around here, if the laundry isn’t put away by noon it might wait (and wrinkle!) until morning.
  4. Start a loaf of bread or whatever other cooking or baking projects I need to do.  I let my bread machine do the work on a dough cycle, then I shape and bake the loaves.  It’s very helpful if I can also get as much supper prep done in the morning as possible.  It is zero fun to be rushing around at 5:00 to get supper on the table with 3 cranky, hungry kids begging for food.
  5. Eat breakfast. If I don’t start my day with lots of water and a healthy breakfast within the first hour or two of waking, well… you can just call me Mama Bear. I know better (and so do you)!

So, tell me.  How do you start your day?  Is a routine helpful, or are you able to ease into the afternoon and then hit high gear?

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  1. My time with the Lord in the morning is best protected by staying away from the computer. I don’t intend to spend more than two minutes looking at e-mails, but one thing slips into another and then I look up and it’s already time to wake the munchkins. I WILL get to the computer, I know, but just not first thing (or first five things!) anymore!

  2. I do have things I like to have done every morning, but I hope having a list will keep me accountable to it! 🙂 There are some things on my list that are always done, but one or two others, that don’t always get done. 🙂

  3. Wow. THIS is why I like reading blogs. This is helpful, practical, rubber-meets-the-road advice. I laughed out loud at your not brushing your hair until noon – sometimes I make it until 5:00 and my husband comes home to a bag lady! Not good! I’m working on my five things right now… thanks so much for the inspiration!!! 🙂

  4. I’m kind of the ease into the morning gal but have forced myself to be a early morning girl. I get up, put the coffee on and grab my Bible. I have a 1 hour quiet time then walk for 1/2 hour
    ( easing into this). Ready to tackle the day!

  5. I’ve been thinking about this lately. I don’t have a routine, but I’m thinking I should. I think maybe a little structure would be good right now. Life’s just a tad out of control.

  6. I definitely have to get things going in the morning, too. It makes the day go so much better.

  7. I am with you – mornings are my most productive time. The beginning of my routine is similar to your; shower, quiet time, but then comes waking up the girls, fixing breakfast, making lunches and getting out the door!

  8. This is one area that I struggle with constantly! I am trying to work harder at making this a daily habit…great tips!

  9. I have an old thought—-“an ouce of morning is worth a pound of afternoon”

    How true. I am struggling once again with getting the morning routine. Winter is hard on me–back to a better schedule!

  10. This is a beautiful fun spot that I’ll be sure to come visit often! I enjoyed the post about morning routines. It got me thinking about my morning routine – I think it’s a fun thing to share and see how in many ways we are all alike yet unique at the same time;)


  11. I have had a daily schedule that included all for many years

  12. These are great tips,and as a new “stay-at-home” mom, this is exactly what I am trying to work on: starting the day off right!
    Obviously, it looks a little different for each person (i.e. I don’t make my own bread–although my husband would love it if I did!). But I am learning what really needs to be done each morning (shower, exercise, Scripture reading, etc.) and you’re right, a leisurely start does NOT work! LOL!
    Thanks for the tips!

  13. Thank you for sharing your 5 things list. I really need to get into a morning routine that does not involve vegging out in front of the tv or turning on my computer. Those are the two things that really sap my mornings and like you said, if it doesn’t get done in the morning, it probably won’t get done at all.

  14. I start my day with blogging, a workout, a shower, dressing and breakfast.

  15. Great and simple list! Thanks!

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