Sunday Blessings {On Monday Morning}

Sometimes we get caught up in living the gifts and don’t take time to count the gifts.  Ah, well.  We can always catch up later!

537.  Lots of snuggle time on an off day.

538.  Breakfast for dinner.  Twice.

539.  Working outside, dirt to show it.

540.  Screaming hilarity at a rogue water hose.  grateful2

541.  My blue shoes.  They make me happy.

542.  Green grass in August and 80° highs.  Where do I live again?!


543.  Swinging at the playground.  grateful4

544.  Hours of spontaneity and surprises.

545.  Playground geography reviews and surprising correct answers.


546.  Excellent bargains on good food.


547.  Girls’ morning out at the salon.


548.  Beautiful night at the drive in with friends.

549.  A freezer full of pork.  And beef.  We’re all set!


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  1. Wonderful blessings- we’re counting this morning too. After a busy weekend and a busy summer, we’re back to school today. By the way- love the shoes too!

  2. Such wonderful blessings you have! Cute shoes, too. 😉

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