Sunday Blessings

We just returned from one of the most exciting events of the year,  The Kansas State High School Track and Field Championships.  So much fun!  Students from every single school in the state, from the Tiny Towns to the Big Cities, participate in their respective classes.

I’m such a sap.  The thrill of a close finish.  The agony of a false start.  The pain of a tripped over hurdle.  It all gives me shivers and tears.  What on earth will I do if one of my own children ever get the opportunity to participate in something like this?!  Oh, my Mama heart!

Continuing my journey to One Thousand Gifts:

126.  Wildflowers on the hillside.

127.  Running through the sprinkler.

128.  Singing Christmas carols in the van… at the end of May.

129.  Seeing eye to eye with my husband on the big things.

130.  The first get together with a full dozen grandchildren.

131.  Seven straight hours of sleep for baby.  (We’re getting there!)

132.  Lightning storms.

133.  Bright green after much needed rain.

134.  Last-minute supper guests.

135.  Loud cheering crowd for hard-run races.

136.  A built-in workout.

137.  Freshly cleaned carpets.

138.  Children holding back tears of disappointment. (Oh, my mama heart again!)

139.  Technology that warns of impending storm danger.

140.  Opportunities to give.



  1. My son just got to compete in the Iowa State Track and Field Championships and it was amazing, he ran in the shuttle hurdles and the 4*100 – first time!

    Cool post!

    • Yay! How fun! The 4×100 is my favorite relay, but I am on pins and needles with every baton exchange. I’ve seen too many drop over the years. 🙁

  2. “Technology that warns of impending storm danger.” How true–especially since we’ve been through the storms recently (in Alabama), it’s comforting to know when a new storm comes up that it’s “straight-line winds.” I don’t take the weather channel for granted anymore! Glad you guys were safe through your recent storms. And what an adorable smile on that little one!!

  3. I love that photo of you, Amy! Love it!

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