Sunday Blessings

A classic “Ornery Middle Child” photo.  Never mind the scraped upper lip.  “I fell in the street, Mom!”

Our local nursing home hosts an Easter Egg Hunt every year, complete with cupcakes and “juice” afterward.  I’ll pass on the cupcake, but they pack those plastic eggs with the good stuff:  Snickers, Reese’s, Butterfingers.  When I mentioned on Facebook swiping the good stuff from my kids’ stash, my friend Lenetta commented, “We call that the Mommy Tax.”  Love it!

75.  Easter vigil with my big girl.  Lighting candles in a dark church.

76.  Sunrise service on Easter morning, holding my baby in front of a blazing campfire at 6:25 a.m.

77.  Fresh donuts.

78.  An incorrect weather forecast, complete with sunshine and warm breezes.

79.  Watching my children play with their cousins.

80.  Their growing independence.

81.  Breakfast for supper.

82.  Finding just the right outfit, for just the right occasion, at just the right time.

83.  Late night quiet.

84.  Yard sale bargains, and a boy excited to wear his “new clothes!”

85.  Brainstorming with others to help a friend.

86.  Singing along with praise music.

87.  Clearing the thick dust from surfaces.

88.  Sleep coming easily.

89.  Endless hours of play on a new basketball goal (fabulous investment).

90.  Gifts of clothing and toys, just because.

91.  Trying to keep up with a fast crawling baby.

92.  The end of the biannual clothing rearranging/swapping/packing/organizing.

93.  McDonald’s Caramel Frappé (I can’t help it.)


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  1. Ouch! Love the look on her face! 🙂

    “Mommy Tax” – Love it! I’ll have to remember that one!

  2. AHHHHH who on earth is that big grown up girl in the picture?!? :>) I must have blinked again.

    As much as I love me some Mama Tax, I think today is going to be the last day of Easter Feasting for me – I can tell I need to hop back on the just-say-no-to-sugar wagon.


    PS – I’m on the computer because “do-a-deer songs” are on the radio upstairs. :>) You gotta get yourself one of those…

    • I am rather certain after going gluten-free for Lent (and eliminating a lot of sugar as a result) that it’s NOT the gluten that’s my “problem”, it’s the SUGAR. Rats!

  3. Truth: Every time I drive past McD’s and see the frappe sign, I think of you. 🙂

  4. Love the Mommy Tax idea. Love all the blessings and wonderful things going on too. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. Mommy and Daddy taxes have been required since our children were old enough to enjoy the things we do. Figure we’ll get them used to taxes before they get to meet Uncle Sam!

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