Sunday Blessings


607. Mr. 3 succumbing to the pull of a Sunday nap after a busy weekend.

608. A crummy day ending with relaxed visiting and vegging.

609. Fall weather teasing.

610. Friends reaching out with encouragement.

611. Blowing bubbles in the yard.

612. Mocha Cinnamon Chip Cookies, blending rich flavors. (Recipe tomorrow!)


613. My little people and how their personalities were captured so precisely in this photo.

614. Surrendering weekend plans, only to have them returned.

615. Joyful Miss 10 serving 100% at her volleyball game.

616. Biting my tongue with another child until the storm passed. (I am NOT good at biting my tongue!)

617. Class reunion. 20 years. 16 out of 21 graduates attending. SO much fun!

618. A tour of my old school, grades K-12.

619. Laughing ’til we cried at our BIG HAIR of yesteryear.

620. Baby waking happy from a good nap.

bed head

Noted: I start and end my thanks this week with talk of naps. Ha!

Do you attend your class reunions? How many were in your graduating class? (I’m tellin’ ya, we had so much fun!)




  1. I attended my 10 year reunion a few years ago. We had over 900 in our graduating class. It’s hard to imagine 21!

  2. I think there were about 150 in my class. My 20 yr reunion was last year. I didn’t go – absolutely no interest in seeing 99% of the people. :/

  3. First, the picture of all of your kiddos is ADORABLE! What a nice photo to have! And, there were about 350 or so in my graduating class. The 10 year reunion was last year but I did not attend. It was poorly planned and very expensive, plus so many are on facebook so it kind of takes the fun out of it. If they do a 20, I’ll probably attend that though.

    • Oh, bummer. Yeah, we just hung out at our park (did cater a bbq meal, which was worth the cost) and then met up in the evening at a bar & grill that one of our classmates owns.

  4. LOVE the picture of your kids! Make sure you get it printed and hung up!

  5. UH, I had 21 Classmates TOO!!

  6. I think we had 120 in my graduating class at our small magnet school. I didn’t go to my 10-year because we lived 500+ miles away and I was pregnant with David. Maybe at 15 or 20 …

  7. My 10 year reunion is next year. I plan on going mostly to actually see my 3 best friends who have moved away in the last year. Now that there’s facebook, reunions seem less necessary, but I’m sure it will be fun to see how many of the 340 graduates show up. 🙂

  8. I celebrated my 20th last year and it was great for the most part. We had 64 in our graduating class.

  9. I graduated one of just 16, and can SO relate to ‘Tiny Town’ doings! So many of the things you blog about hit home for me. I live in the big city now, but love to get ‘back home’ to enjoy country life. 🙂

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