Sunday Blessings

The best way to put a week to rest and begin another gung ho?  Giving thanks.


562.  Morning harvest.

563.  Happy baby grocery shopping.  (Why yes, she is cute!)

564.  Iced coffee.  Cold Brewed treat.

mud socks

565.  “Mud socks” the last summer day before school.  Gotta love a filthy tub.

566.  Pink eye clearing in the nick of time.


567.  Snapping happy excitement, walking kids to school.

568.  Front porch tea party with Monkey See and Monkey Do.

569.  Big kids so excited (and loud) telling me allofthethings about the first day of school.


570.  Eating the whole apple.

571.  Mr. 2’s vocabulary.  “ridiculous” “disgusting” “frustrated”  That kid cracks me up.

572.  Over the top, completely ridiculous surprise for Miss 6, just this once and just because I can.

573.  Proud mom moments.

oreo ice cream

574.  Homemade oreo ice cream.

575.  Back yard full, air heavy with anticipation.  Annual football ice cream social.


576.  Two gallons applesauce frozen, more apples waiting for my free time.


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  1. Cute back to school signs! My oldest goes back next week and I need to have her hold a sign marking the first day–it always looks so nice.

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