Sunday Blessings

We’re on Day 5 of the (not so) Great Pinkeye Plague of 2013 over here, so marching onward to One Thousand Giftsseems the appropriate thing to do!


550.  Apples.  Twenty gallons of big, beautiful, free apples.

sour apple

551.  Generous friends with apple trees.  😉

552.  Harmonica concert by my favorite nonagenarian in their front yard.

553.  Guardian angels.  My crew employs a whole troop of them.

granola mess

554.  Already big enough to “make” her own breakfast!  {sigh}

555.  Working the CSA farm with Miss 6 at my side (and in my ear. constantly.)


556.  Brotherly love.  And sharing.  But enough with the sharing, already! {This photo was taken Friday.  As of Sunday, it’s double pinkeye for both of them, pitiful things.}


557.  First apple crisp of the season.  Our favorite!

558.  Baby in her own bed until 4am.  A beautiful mess after.  (What did I do differently?  Finally remembered to diffuse lavender in her room at bedtime.  We’ll see if it works two nights in a row!)

559.  Handstands and upside down crunches in the living room, because as much as it drives me nuts, it also entertains.

560.  Progress and decisions to make moving forward on a big home improvement/expansion project.


561.  A chance to clean out and pay it forward.  The day I gave a friend 3 boxes of baby/little boy clothes in the morning, another friend gifted us with 3 big bags of *nice* big girl clothes in the afternoon.  I cannot out give!

If I could steal a prayer or two, I’d really like for my boys to be rid of the pinkeye before school starts on Tuesday.  Thank you, friends!



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  1. Have you tried using cooled tea bags for their eyes to clear the pink eye? Besides working well, it makes great pictures:)

    • I have not heard that one! Will any kind of tea bag work? Do I need to steep as usual, then cool, or just run the tea bags under water? We’ll give this one a try!

      • I use plain black tea bags, but I also read that chamomile works too. I put the tea bags in a cup of hot water for just a minute or so, then let them cool off so they won’t burn the skin. I have my kids lie down with the tea bags on their eyes for 10 minutes ( or as long as they will lie there!) for 3-5 times during the day and the next couple of days if needed. It has worked so well for us-hope it works well for your little ones!

  2. Change those pillow cases daily! It helps. Good luck!

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