Sunday Blessings

Remember when I used to make it top priority around here to share a Finer Thing every Friday?  And then I added Sunday Blessings to the mix?   And then, in the busyness of daily life and survival mode, I stopped?  I miss those posts!  Writing them at the end of each week brought me back to my focus.  The Finer Things in Life.  Embracing the Extraordinary in Every Day. 

I needed that.  I think it helped some of you reflect on your blessings, too, and gave you a peek into our days, so I’m bringing them both back!  (Really?!  Was it REALLY over a year ago that I stopped counting?!  Pitiful.  The first reader to find a newer post with numbers higher than 510, let me know and I’ll send a prize in the mail. Seriously.)

For those of you new(er) here, I long ago challenged myself to count One Thousand Gifts.  Apparently I stopped at 510.  That was dumb.

511.  A fresh new blog look!  Huge thanks to New Season Design for the facelift.  (If you’re reading from email or a reader, please do click over and take a look!)

512.  Abundant rain.  Last year we were in a somewhat frightening drought situation.  Right now we are *this close* to not being in a drought at all!  Still praying for some Kansas neighbors, though, who somehow aren’t receiving this moisture.

513.  A green lawn.  In August.  We don’t even remember when that last happened!

green beans

514.  Before our neighbor left for the weekend, he told me to “check the green beans” in his part of the garden, and to help myself.  “A few might be ready.”  Ya think?!

515.  Cousins’ Camp at my mom and dad’s.  They have six boys this weekend, and later in the week the girls get their turn.  Most anticipated sleepover of the summer!


516.  These beauties.  I caught them playing dress up this morning.  A moment of sisterly bliss.

fruit salad

517.  The kids have been working to cross off every space on their Summer Bingo Boards, because a “date with mom or dad” is at stake.  “Make a Fruit Salad” was on her board.  Actually, several cooking projects are on her board.  I wonder what brilliant mother thought to do that… 😉

518.  The quick pulling of a snaggly tooth, and a prayer that the one popped in behind it will now move up into place.

519.  A new tiny store in Tiny Town where I can at least run for a half gallon of milk when I want to.


520.   {giggle}  It was quite the gift that this shiny, syrup-y face was all cleaned up when mommy returned from running errands, with photographic evidence and daddy’s tales to greet me upon return.  (Dear Children, Baby Girl can reach the table now.  Clean up after yourselves!)

521.   A week (mostly) at home.  Ahhhh, we needed that!

Count your blessings, friends!  Care to share any here? 


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  1. Love, love, love the new look! And I enjoyed reading your gifts – glad you are doing them again. 🙂

  2. Oh Amy… The girls. Such a beautiful picture of them!

  3. Yesterday almost 13 month old drank from a straw sippy cup all day, yea to no more bottles!

  4. Love the new design! Simple and clean. Also, I love the picture of your girls!

    I have missed your finer things and blessings posts. Since I had my 5th there are so many posts I haven’t written either. But this is a season and I am happy to spend the time taking care of my family instead of blogging. I’m glad that you just jumped back into it. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jackie! I feel like I’ve “fallen off the face of social media” sometimes, but I know my family is better for it. 🙂

  5. What a great way to stay upbeat! Sundays roll along, and for me, I’m barely hanging on, dreading Monday and exhausted from the weekend. But I’m joining this challenge to count my blessings on Sunday! I think it’s time for an attitude change. Great post!

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