Sunday Blessings

Oh, how we needed this Thanksgiving holiday!  A few days out of routine, sleeping in, family, and yummy food did us good.

We’ve made a tradition of taking turns sharing what we’re thankful for as we drive to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the big meal.  Once we learned not to talk over each other 😉 , it was a joy to listen to nothing but thanks for a whole 20ish miles.  Next year I need to record the thanks as we go!

449.  Big Sister, the Hairstylist.  She does such a great job!

450.  Girls’ Day Out with my two.

451.  An excited “Mama!  Mama!  Mama!” upon our return.

452.  Bringing treats home to the guys.

453.  Lunch out with friends.

454.  Hard decisions.  Knowing they’re right doesn’t make them any more fun.

455.  Doctor’s office acting fast; taking an odd situation seriously.

456.  Creative “ladders.”

457.  His persistence.

458.  Sister giggles past bedtime.

459.  Small pieces of every dessert on the buffet.

460.  Lazy, slow mornings.

461.  Delight with a “New Playhouse!”  Oh, the joys of a clothes dryer box!


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  1. 451 and 458 are blessings I thank God for on a regular basis. To me they definitely are a finer thing. It makes my monks heart spill over with jot!

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