Sunday Blessings

Well, Halloween was all fun and games (it really is fun in a Tiny Town… we should talk about that sometime!) until The Vomit appeared at midnight (for the 6yo and the hubby), and lasted throughout the night.  And Wednesday night.  And the baby is still working on that last molar.  Who needs sleep, right?  😉

And still, always, there is much to be thankful for.

406.   Silly spiders made for classroom parties.

407.  Driving 30 miles to “Trick or Treat” great-grandparents.  Such a great tradition.

408.  Beautiful, mild weather to walk around Tiny Town, with everyone else in Tiny Town.  😉

409.  Three molars in (kind of), one to go.

410.  Extended breastfeeding.  I truly don’t know how I’d comfort him otherwise!

411.  My red apron.  It’s just plain fun.

412.  Looking up recipes from the laptop, in the kitchen!  (Marvels of the 21st century.)

413.  Breakfast for dinner.

414.  Phone calls from “online friends.”

415.  Sleeping in on Saturday.

416.  Snowflakes in October.

417.  Three week sports break.  So nice to have daddy home early!

418.  Four children + One Mommy at Saturday Mass, and everyone behaved.

419.  An extra hour of sleep.  (Or something like that.)  Did you set your clocks back?

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  1. I feel like I lost an hour of sleep — my daughter woke up at 6 a.m. ! I always love reading your lists of thankfulness :).

  2. They all behaved. THAT is a finer thing, you are right.

  3. 414. ; ) That was a fun chat. I’m still smiling, and praying for you.

    The apron is too darling. I’m jealous! This morning I had to use an old orange bath towel because I realized I have no aprons at all! I think it’s time to sew a really pretty one.

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