Sunday Blessings

Around here, summer is for baseball, swimming, and family reunions.  Sleeping in, reading, and popsicles.  It’s been a wild week and we are exhausted, but by golly, we are wringing out every bit of fun that summer has to offer!

Are you still counting with me?

215.  Swimming lessons, even when “we already know how to swim, Mom!”

216.  A hard catch at first base.

217.  Going out swinging, and then getting a hit next time.

218.  Washing the van in the driveway.

219.  Celebrating a life cut short with droves of family.

220.  Watermelon juice everywhere.

221.  Week-long play dates with special friends.

222.  Hugs, turned to tickles, turned to laughter.

223.  The quiet of late evenings.  (Oh, the glorious quiet!)

224.  Fireworks on the street.

225.  Her spunk.  (The child has some serious spunk!)

226.  Patriotic tunes blasted over a poor PA system.

227.  Choosing from 5 varieties of homemade ice cream.  (I went with lemon and pistachio.)

228.  Soft, Sonic-like ice, pacifying the baby during hot ballgames.

229.  Bucket swings at the playground.

230.  Discovering an extra 2 1/2 hours in my day.  (It wasn’t my turn to volunteer at the library this week.)



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  1. Love your Sunday Blessings, I post a ‘Sunday Moment of Gratitude’ weekly too! Great List! 🙂

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