Sunday Blessings

We’re smack in the middle of a spontaneous sibling swap weekend here.  My brother’s children and my own are stair-stepped less than a year apart.  I took two girls, they kept my big boy, and the kids are all having a blast.  This is the stuff summers are made of!

Let’s keep counting, shall we?

186.  Chocolate peanut butter dessert smoothies.

187.  Playing first base.  Three up, three down.

188.  Six-foot “splash” pool in the backyard.  Makeshift water slide.

189.  Scrubbing the dirt away after dusty, windy ballgames.

190.  Drippy popsicles after swimming.

191.  The anticipation of garden mysteries.

192.  Sharing abundant produce with friends.

193.  Dewy mornings in the garden.

194.  22 month old niece reaching up, “Amy, I hold you?”  {melt}

195.  Cousins sleeping, stacked two to a bed.

196.  Following through on intentional letter writing.

197.  Watching Christmas movies inside on a 100° day.

198.  New ideas and goals on paper.

199.  Silly girls reading even sillier books.

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