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Stocking Stuffers ~ 2012 Christmas Gift Guide {and a Giveaway}

“For Her” Winner [3] ~ Congratulations to Kelly (kellylovescats91@) who snagged a whole lot-o-loot:

“For Him” Winner [10] ~ Congratulations to Darla (darla.m.@) who won the Oral-B electric toothbrush.


We never had stockings growing up.  Woe is me, right?  😉  No worries.  It simply wasn’t part of our tradition, and I didn’t know what I was missing.  Stockings are a big deal in my husband’s family, though, so we have lots of fun with them now!

One year before children, Lance and I challenged each other (on a small budget) to ONLY buy gifts that fit in our stockings.  That was the year that, among other things, I received a package of white fudge-dipped Oreo cookies, re-packaged in a ziplock bag so they would (almost) fit in my stocking.  What a great memory!

For our final Gift Guide, Jen [12]and I have come up stocking stuffers that one or both of our families have enjoyed.  What would you add to the list?

1.  Rory’s Story Cubes [13]

I love games that inspire creativity. This looks like a game that could keep our whole family busy for hours. Just roll the dice, and let the images inspire a story. You can create a story solo or work together to tell a tale. I can only imagine how silly these could get!

2.  Flexi-Clip [14]

Amy trivia:  I get a headache when I pull my hair back for long periods of time, so I don’t do it all that often.  For some reason, though, the headache doesn’t appear with the Flexi-Clip [14].  It goes in easy, and I like all the pretty feminine designs.  If you’re not sure what size to order, be sure to check their sizing video. And if you get the wrong size, exchanging is a breeze.

3.  MadeOn Lip Balms

Even when I can’t get myself pulled together, I still try to wear lip balm and mascara.  Made with the safe ingredient, iron oxide, MadeOn’s tinted lip balms [4] provide the same nourishment for chapped lips that the untinted lip balms offer, with an added natural color to enhance the lips. Don’t care for tinted?  Choose natural [4], Au Chocolat, or Peppermint [4] (my favorite), instead!

4.  Hot Wheels [15]

Hot Wheels [15] are one of those gifts that keep on giving.  My husband still has some of his from childhood, and our own kids love to play with theirs, too.  Each pack is an instant collectable.  You know my very favorite thing to play with Hot Wheels?  “Drive on Mommy.”  I lie down (and close my eyes).  They drive.  Bliss.

5.  Crayola Bathtub Crayons

Crayola Bathtub Crayons [16] are super fun for the kids.  They can be used for learning play, too.  Spelling practice in the tub, anyone?  And you know what?  I use them, also!  You know how we moms remember things or have our best ideas while in the shower, but them forget them when we get out?  Shower graffiti.  Problem solved!

6.  Klutz Cat’s Cradle Book Kit [17]

Jen’s Emma got this book [17] at the science center last year, and she uses it all the time. It has very specific directions (with pictures!) to teach kids how to create different string figures. Emma was really excited that she could create the Eiffel Tower all by herself. Jen likes the string that comes with the book. It’s sturdy enough for lots of play without getting easily tangled.

7.  Spot It [18]

I’m a fan of games that you can toss in a backpack and take with you. Spot It [18] is a fun fast-paced find-it game that allows for lots of players. Just draw two cards and see who can be the first to spot the symbol that the two cards share. There’s only one! It’s a fun one to play when you need a quick game without a lot of setup or cleanup.

8.  Essential Burt’s Bees Kit [19]

Pamper me, please!  I think my favorite gifts are gifts that pamper in any way.  The Essential Burt’s Bees Kit [19] products do just that.  Enjoy naturally softening buttermilk, emollient beeswax, vitamin-enriched oils and healing botanicals that nourish skin and restore essential moisture.

9.  Piggy Paint [20]

Do you know what’s in your nail polish?  Eeek!  The non-toxic, hypoallergenic, odorless formula makes Piggy Paint [20] “safe as mud” to use on all piggies.  It’s is a natural, eco-friendly nail polish designed for fancy girls.

10.  YummyEarth Organic Candy [21]

My kids know I’m death on sticky, chewy candy.  That’s what happens when the dental bills pile up!  And that’s why they’ll be surprised to find gummy bears in their stockings Christmas morning!  YummyEarth Organic Gummy Bears [21] are made with real fruit juice and other planet-friendly and natural ingredients. They contain no artificial colors or flavors and no major allergens, such as gluten, nuts and dairy and no high-fructose corn syrup.  Each serving provides 100% of daily vitamin C, too.

11.  The Quiet Place: Daily Devotional Readings [22]

After Christmas Chaos, it may be time to retreat and find your own Quiet Place [22]. The beautiful blue faux-leather cover holds 366 daily Bible studies (even one for Leap Day!).  Women will be called to revival and biblical womanhood through Nancy’s stories and devotionals.

The Giveaway

Winner take all!  For this giveaway, one winner will receive a copy of The Quiet Place, a Flexi-Clip, and a package of YumEarth Gummy Bears.  To enter, simply fill out the form below.

Giveaway ends Sunday, December 16, at 11:59 pm, CST.  Winner will be randomly chosen and emailed, and I’ll update this post with the winner’s name.