Square Biscuits

Sometimes when I’m making our favorite Fluffy Buttermilk Biscuits I’ve got children pulling at my legs, children whining that they’re hungry, and children rummaging through cabinets for something to eat because they just.can’t.wait. 10 more minutes.

Oh, who am I kidding? That happens every time.

And that, my friends, is why round, cut out biscuits are only an occasional occurrence at our home. We still love our biscuits, though, because I have a secret.

It’s hip to be square. (when you’re a biscuit)

square biscuits

Roll out your favorite biscuit recipe (I like to roll and fold a few times to get layers) and zip the pizza cutter through them. Easy peasy, quick biscuits! And they taste just as good as the round ones. Promise.

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  1. Malllory says:

    I learned this trick awhile back! It’s great and so much easier, especially when you’re making a huge batch to freeze. Also, you don’t have that annoying little scrap left that you’re not sure whether you should toss or bake anyway (I have hard time wasting food).

    • The annoying little scrap. Yes! Also, I think the less you mess with them (instead of rolling the scraps over and over and over) the fluffier they are.

  2. What a great idea. Just wish I had thought of it! Actually surprised that I hadn’t because I do this with several rolled cookies that I make and don’t feel like getting the cookie cutters out. And I like the comment above–they fit better in the freezer. Gotta love that too.

    • Oh, good idea with the cookies. I definitely prefer the chocolate chip “pan cookie” to get them all done at once.

  3. When I make biscuits (which is not very often), I usually end up doing “drop” biscuits out of laziness 😉

    • You know what makes me laugh about this? The tedious ***HOURS*** you put in to those gorgeous fine details with all of your cakes. I say drop those biscuits after all of THAT work!

  4. I do something similar, but even simpler. Rather than break out the rolling pin, I just pat/press the dough out with my hands, folding over several times as I go for those yummy layers.

    I’ve always just used a knife to cut them, but I’ll have to try the pizza cutter next time. It sounds quicker and easier, but I’m never sure if the ease of cutting makes up for the extra work washing later.

    • I use my pizza cutter for everything possible. Pancakes, fried eggs, waffles… indispensable!

    • I do the press and pat method too. If I already have a used knife that’s clean enough, I use that, but the pizza cutter is great too. If you rinse it right away you barely have to use soap and the dough will come right off. Then just put it to dry 🙂

      Amy, I LOVED the day I thought of doing square biscuits! They are so much faster 🙂

      • I’ll have to consider ditching the rolling pin. And YES. This is one of those things that I’ve done for years and just never thought to post it. Trying to post those little every day things that *maybe* could help another mom save some time. 🙂

  5. I’m lazy! I only ever make drop biscuits with my cookie scoop. My kids don’t know any different LOL.

  6. Oh My Lands. My kiddos will actually get biscuits again. Thank you.

  7. My mom always rolled the biscuit dough out and made nice round biscuits. I could never be bothered. I plop my dough in a 9×9 pan, kinda smooth it around, bake it and then cut them after they cool a little.

  8. Hannah Reid says:

    My mom always makes squares biscuits and the time I tried to make her recipe and do them round, it felt all wrong!

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