Spring Break

Last week I made big plans. Big plans to blog again, every day, without interruptions from construction crews or kitchen unpacking or any of that nonsense. I even had my post titles and outlines figured out! And then Spring Break happened, so you get this:


On Monday we did a cousin swap. I got the Girl Power vehicle and house, as my husband vacated for 3 days and 2 nights of farm work. Whooo-weeeee!


The big girls wanted to bake something, so I let them have at it. Is there any learning activity better than cooking and baking? Reading instructions, cause/effect, delayed gratification. 😉 I love it! (The Caramelitas were yummy, too.)

sb4The littler girls were in charge of this one outside and told her the mud was pudding. Lovely.


We swapped kids back on Wednesday and headed to the zoo yesterday for a beautiful First Day of Spring day! (Us and everyone else residing in the state of Kansas.) Mr. 3 found his tribe!


Miss 1 was fascinated with all.of.the.things and totally rocked the pigtails. Crack me up.


I was afraid they might keep some of ’em, but we managed to get the Zoo Crew back home in fine shape after a stop for ice cream. Today we have some friends spending the night, and I need to be whipping this house into shape and finishing odds and ends projects before a full house of company arrives next Sunday. If only March Madness wasn’t so distracting!

sb7Bonus belly shot. Well over halfway now. 23?24 weeks? Something like that! (Funny how I could tell you to the day with my first…)

I didn’t get any blogging done, but I have been having a blast fielding comments and emails from my Thieves Winner post. Keep ’em coming! I’ll update that post later today with the sample winners, so be on the lookout.

Has spring sprung where you live? Anything exciting going on this week?




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  1. Oh how funny! You must live near Wichita-I’d recognize that statue anywhere, because my kids have to stop and climb on it every time we go.

  2. I have read and re-read this post for 2 reasons.
    #1. Miss 1 TOTALLY rocks those pigtails. Definitely a good look for her.
    #2. That look on Miss 1’s face with the dirt “pudding” on her mouth is hilarious! I can just imagine the younger girls in charge of her telling her the mud is pudding. I laugh every time I see her cute, dirt covered face.

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