Songs for Saplings {Giveaway}

Some days my children prove over and over that the longer I’m a parent, the less I know.

There are a couple of certainties I’ve come to know over the last 7 years, though:

  1. Children ask tough questions.  Lots of them.  Unceasingly.
  2. Children love music and learn a great deal from it.  Learning is more fun with music!

Recently I had the opportunity to review some CDs from Songs for Saplings.

The music from Songs for Saplings is designed to help you teach your children about God.

The music is simple but catchy, using a variety of Bible verses to answer tons of God-related questions that children frequently ask.  You can hear song samples and download copies of the chords and lyrics on the Songs for Saplings website.

Our children will be receiving this gift of music for Christmas.  Each cd has many, many songs, all based on questions kids ask about God.  Who made me?  Why did God make me?  Who is God?  Can I see God? I love listening to the sweet children’s voices that help sing the songs, and can’t wait to hear my own kiddos join in!  I’m sure there will be much dancing and singing to these cd’s in our future.

Perhaps some of your children would enjoy these cds, too?  Songs for Saplings has offered cds for two of my readers!  To enter, simply leave a comment: If you win, which cd will you choose?

For up to two optional extra entries: (leave a comment for each)

  • “Like” Songs for Saplings on Facebook
  • Promote this giveaway on twitter, facebook, or your own blog.

Giveaway ends Sunday, November 28, at 8pm CST.  Two winners will be randomly drawn and notified by email.  US addresses only, please.

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  1. Hard to choose; probably volume 3. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  2. Ooh! Tough choice – probably Volume 3 (though the ABC one sounds good too!)

  3. They ALL sound great, but for now I believe the ABC one would be best for my age children.

  4. I would go for Volume 3.

  5. I like Songs for Saplings on Facebook.

  6. Tough choice. I think I’d chose volume 3 first but volume 1 is a close second.

  7. Fan of saplings on Facebook

  8. If I won, I’d choose the “Songs for Saplings” cd for my little girl.

  9. I just wanted to say that these are amazing cds. The Volumes are straight from the Westminster Confession for Children, so these are especially helpful if you have a reformed worldview. Keep in mind that as the volumes go along, they’re targeted at subsequently older children.

  10. Oooh! Thanks for the chance to win these great cd’s. I think I would choose the ABC cd but it would be a tough decision. They all look great!

  11. Probably the ABC one, I’m sure my little girls would love it!

  12. Amanda Biel says:

    i would choose the abc cd, my son is just learning it and this would be great!

  13. I would choose the ABC cd.

  14. I think I’d go for the ABC cd. My kids would love it!

  15. I’m not sure which one I’d pick, I have such a big age range of boys, it will be hard to decide.

  16. Renae McElroy says:

    I think volume one

  17. I liked them on FB too!

  18. I would choose #3 as I think I want to most impress upon my daughter that Jesus is still working today and she can work as he did!! She will hear it all, more than once and may as well hear it through music as well!

  19. VOlume 1 with the ABCs- my daughter really needs to work on these!

  20. Oh that’s a toughie! I think I’d pick volume 2, though.

  21. I’d love to try out one of their CDs! I think right now I’d like to get my kiddos the ABC one!

  22. I like Songs for Saplings on Facebook!!

  23. Hmmm… I think I would choose Volume 1.

  24. I think that “Christ and his work” sounds excellent-such an important message to grow up with.


  25. So difficult to choose! Probably the ABC’s since my kids are 1 and 3… it would fit them both best. Thanks!

  26. I blogged about your giveaway here:

  27. Shannon Baas says:

    God and Creation

  28. I think the creation CD since that truth is so attacked today.

  29. Wow, I’m impressed! Most kids’ CDs are annoying and have poor-quality vocals, but not so with this family. I wasn’t expecting such high quality. As a music teacher, these would be wonderful in my classroom, and I could recommend them to parents, as well. I think the ABC one would work well with the things I do in my preschool music classes.

  30. Would love the ABC CD to sing with my toddler!

  31. I would choose Vol 1, it’s probably the most appropriate for my 3 year old but they all look great.

  32. crystle tellerday says:

    songs for saplings abcs

  33. Songs for Saplings cd.

  34. Like Songs for Saplings on FB.

  35. Christina H says:

    I”m not sure what I would choose, I just heard of these CDs and am so excited to hear them!

  36. I would probably choose Volume One. Thanks!

  37. If I am lucky enough to be chosen, I would take Volume 3. Thanks!

  38. I would choose Volume 3:) Thank you for hosting the giveaway!
    faithonfyre at yahoo dot com

  39. I like Song for Saplings on facebook:)

    faithonfyre at yahoo dot com

  40. Difficult to choose. I think they all sound great. If I was just getting one, then I’d choose the Songs for Saplings: ABC’s, as my grandsons are pretty young — just 13 months and 20 months.

    Thanks so much! Appreciate your blog and your generosity of sharing so much.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Sharon L.

  41. Christ and His work!

  42. Hmmm, they all sound wonderful. I think I’d choose Volume 3. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  43. Probably Volume One, given the age of my children. Fun!

  44. I would choose Volume 1 God and Creation. Thanks!

  45. We would pick ABC’s, great way for little ones to learn scripture!

  46. I think probably Volume 3.

  47. Abigail Gunter says:

    Volume 3 would be awesome.

  48. i’d choose the ABCs CD

  49. Definately the ABC’s. I have heard awesome things about this one and previewed some of the songs. How exciting!!!

  50. Vol 1 — We love the ABCs & are using them to memorize Scripture.

  51. I “liked” SfS on Fb, too.

  52. I’d choose volume 3-My daughter was just baptized and would love this!

  53. I have a 19 month old son that the ABC’s theme cd would be perfect for

  54. I like songs for saplings on fb

  55. I’m not sure which one; I guess maybe the ABC since we’re learning ABC’s though all of them sound great. I love that you can download the lyrics – I’m going to check them out for sure!
    jennifer @

  56. They all sound so great,but I would choose the abc’s! Thanks!

  57. I would get the creation one.

  58. We’re learning ABCs right now, so I would choose the Songs for Saplings: ABCs CD.

  59. Brittany Jerding says:

    I’d choose Volume 3! Thanks.

  60. Songs for Saplings: ABCs.

  61. Rebecca Schafer says:

    Ooh! we would love to win this. I absolutely love Songs for saplings and tell people about them all the time! We have completely worn out our Volume 1 God and Creation, but Volume 3 would be great too, that is the only one we don’t have yet! Thank you for wanting to bless others with this giveaway! I will tell all my friends!

  62. Volume 2, this subject can definitely can be confusing to explain to young ones as they ask so many questions. We use simple answers but i am sure the Cd would be great to use along side our regular quite time.

  63. Volume 1!!

  64. volume 3!!!! Love it!!!

  65. volume 1 looks soooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!


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