Solid Foods for Baby {Reader Question}

I’ve asked about baby’s first solid foods before (go read the comments, good stuff in there!), but when I received the following email from Jackie, thought it wouldn’t hurt to revisit the subject.  Plus, I’ve got a great giveaway, too!

My son is 9 months old and still primarily breast fed.  I’m out of the house for 10 hours, three days a week for work where I pump my little heart out.  As you can imagine, the girls don’t respond to the pump as well as they do to my son and on the days that we find our freezer stash of breast milk depleted, he’s given formula while we stock back up.

At six months, his pediatrician (who is fantastic and pro-breastfeeding and very encouraging in that regard) gave us the go ahead to start solid foods with him when my husband and I sat down for our regular meals and present a sippy cup with water to not only get him used to the idea of drinking from one but to prevent constipation from the solids.  I have to confess that between playtime, evolving nap and sleep schedules, teething, his first cold and my work schedule, the last few months he’s received solid food on average about once per day.  He just got his first tooth in last week so it’s only been baby food purees so far (some homemade and some not).  And when he’s working hard to push those teeth through his gums, some days his food is just a spoon delivery device.  We’re lucky, I suppose, that he seems to be a professional eater and bounces between bottle, breast, spoon and sippy cup with zero problems.

My question is this: Knowing that it’s best to be breast fed for at least 12 months and that his nutrients and fluids come from breast milk or formula, how consistent have you (or your readers) been when giving their infants solid foods?  Once, Twice, Three times per day?  Not at all?

First of all, I think Jackie knows her stuff, and is fortunate to work with a pro-breastfeeding pediatrician who encouraged the delay of solids until six months.  She’s giving her baby a great start!  There are lots of schools of thought when it comes to feeding our littlest ones, and my own strategies are ever-changing with each new baby.

Our newest baby didn’t get any solids at all until he was six months old, and even then, it was quite sporadic.  Really, whenever there was something on my plate that was soft enough, we’d give it a shot for entertainment purposes.

He’s nearly 11 months old now, and is eating solid foods probably twice a day, plus whenever he discovers leftovers on the floor.  😉  I tried for a long while to avoid grains since they don’t digest particularly well, and never gave him any baby cereal, but I did waive the white flag during our busy ballgame  and travel season and broke out the puffs and little O’s cereal.  I figure I still nurse him all the time, so a few early sanity saving snacks won’t hurt.  (That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.)

I’m a firm believer in not pushing solids until baby is pretty much ready to feed himself.  Perhaps that’s my laziness shining through, but I really have no use for the frustration and the whole mess of it all.  That also may be the result of weary mom syndrome, because looking back in my first-born’s baby albums proves that once upon a new parent time we thought the spitting of cereal to be super cute.

Enough about what works for me.  I know good and well that my own laziness doesn’t have to repeat itself in other families.  By all means, do what works for you!

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To enter to win a set of Dandelion Natural Tableware, simply participate in the reader question:  How consistent have you been when giving your infants solid foods?  Please share what works or worked for you, not only in the timing of it all, but in what you feed your baby.

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  1. anna penrod says:

    I currently have a 7 month old and I have not been consistent! The only reason I’m making any effort to offer solids once a day (usually pureed bananas or apples) is in hopes that she doesn’t get as cranky in the evenings when my supply is low.

  2. The short answer is that I’m not at all consistent at the beginning.

    Here’s the long answer: For some strange reason, it’s a source of pride for parents when their baby starts eating. We love to tell stories of “well my baby was already eating __ & __ at __ months of age!” I’m not sure why! Breastfeeding is easier and of course, we know about the many benefits of delaying the introduction of solid foods.

    I really think it’s no big deal that your baby isn’t eating much at 9 months! Some parents don’t even introduce solids until then or after 12 months, and my pediatrician says that it’s perfectly fine with him if I nurse exclusively until then. He says that the babies who don’t eat until later tend to be leaner, but that’s all. No big deal.

    That said, I think we will go ahead and start solids sometime in the next month or so, when my son is 6-7 months. But unlike my first baby, I will not stress or worry if he’s just not into food for a while. He’s got mommy’s milk, so that’s all that really matters to me.

  3. My fourth child is 8 months old, and also not eating consistently. He sometimes eats solids twice a day, and other days he’ll eat just once, or not at all if he’s not interested. This is a lot different than with my first, though. I wish I was more relaxed then:)

  4. Honestly, I don’t think that there is one answer that fits all children. Each child is different as long as they are healthy, it really doesn’t matter when you start!

    • This is a great answer, but one thing I would point out that some babies can have their health damaged from starting too early with solids. You need to watch your baby and make sure they are not having any physical issues with the solids as well as extreme fussiness.

  5. What works for me is my baby snacking on the breast, rejecting the bottle and pullingmy utensils toward his mouth after watching me eat. And stealing food within reach, putting it into his mouth at 4 months. Doctor says due to interest go ahead with rice baby cereals,oatmeal baby cereal, then yellow veggies. Seemed young to me but he has never eaten very well at breast or with a bottle, so due to weight issues and concern I agree every baby is different, as every family does what works for them.

  6. With my first child, I introduced solids around 5 months and I kept a chart- literally- and tracked everything he ate, ensuring he got a fruit, grain, yellow veggie, and green veggie each day. It makes me crack up to think of it now. My second, well, that was a whole new game, because of her prematurity. But my youngest was past the 6 month mark and I just mashed some stuff up here when I thought of it… generally about twice a day. By 8 months old, she was totally off mashes/purees and eating little bits of stuff at the table with us at each meal (unless she happened to be napping or something). I would definitely recommend THAT method over my first! 🙂

    • This cracks me up!! I had a chart too the first time around, but tracking ounces of preemie formula actually consumed to calculate calories. It funny how spun up we get over the first baby stuff vs. how relaxed it with the later ones.

    • A chart? You are funny. Love it!

  7. Estella says:

    I have a nine month old and we have not been very consistent. We almost always give him some type of solid food around dinner time, but the rest of the day is hit and miss. Sometimes just depends on the day and what we are making.

  8. We give my seven month old samples the softer foods from our meals as long as she is awake and happy to participate. She feeds herself from the bits on her food tray, so perhaps only about a quarter of what we dish up actually makes it in her system. She did not like the textures of many of the pureed foods I tried to give her (sweet potato, applesauce, etc) and her independent streak prefers self feeding. I agree that breastmilk still supplies the bulk of her nutritinoal needs, and so the food is mostly for practice, entertainment, and cute pictures!

  9. Kimberly says:

    My son is 17 months old and I started being real consistent with solids (baby food) around 5 months old. Because of some issues, I was sadly not able to breastfeed, and the formula just didn’t seem to sit right with him. He never wanted much of it, but you knew he was hungry. So we decided to add in baby food and we had a pretty consistent schedule starting around 5 months, which he seemed to really enjoy.

    My problem now is he gags horribly and a lot of times throws his food up. I have an appointment with a new doctor since our old doctor didn’t listen to me about this issue, but this severely limits what we feed him. He is still on baby food 95% of the time, but we are trying to get him on more “adult” foods, and hope to do so much better once we find out what is wrong with his swallowing.

  10. I’m a bit of a lazy mom, so although my daughter started on solids at 6 months, we usually only gave them to her once a day for months, and if she was asleep or it wasn’t convenient, she didn’t get any. She was still breastfeeding at least five times day and wasn’t that interested in eating solids. Now she’s almost two and a good eater.

  11. Deborah says:

    Unfortunately, I’m a bit lazy. My daughter gets solids when I have time and get around to it. She doesn’t seem to appreciate them all that much (at 7 months), so I don’t push it at all.

  12. My second baby is 7 months old (today!) and has been eating solids somewhat consistently for a few weeks. I had planned to delay them until he was obviously interested and ready for them, and I didn’t actually think it would be when he was six months, but he actually started getting quite offended if we ate around him without sharing! So, whenever he’s awake at mealtime, he gets some of what we’re having. He doesn’t have any teeth yet, but still does fine with small chunks of soft foods. Like Amy, I’m delaying grains and hope to do that until at least his first birthday. If there’s nothing suitable for him in our meal, he usually gets some organic whole milk yogurt with mashed up fruit.

    My oldest I started solids at about 5 1/2 months, but she didn’t eat them consistently until she was 8 or 9 months. Benjamin is just a lot bigger than she was (he’s right about 20 pounds), and a lot more interested in food!

  13. My first son I was not consistent with solids as he was breastfed a lot longer than my second. Now, my second dove right in I guess he wanted to eat what his brother was eating and if I remember right it was around 6 mos. Even though I distinctly remember our Doc saying start at 4 mos. because he’s a “big” boy, I know I disregarded that advice!!

  14. I was consistent with solids with my little one. It helped to time it the way I would time BFing and know that it was time for their next meal. It also helps to take cues from them.
    I started off using typical colorful bowls/spoons you see at BRU, but once I received a set of this cornware, I stopped using everything else. Seriously. It is such a great product and really well made this is all I use now. Would love to win some more!

  15. I wasn’t consistent with solids with any of my three kids. I would breastfeed, then offer a something. Or like you said, give something soft off of my plate. I remember my oldest daughter grabbing my turkey with avocado sandwich off of my plate when she was 5 months old. LOL So I gave her little bits off it off of my finger to suck on.

    Breastmilk is the primary source of nutrition like you said for the first year.

  16. With my first, I introduced rice cereal at 4 months since he always seemed hungry (pumping at work didn’t keep up with the demand of a growing boy). I did give some veggies at six months (one a day maybe). When he was seven months he got his first fruit. I did not introduce meat until he was probably 10 months. He hated it then and still hates it now at age 5!

    My two month old will get breast only for a long time. Then I look forward to making my own baby food since I’m no longer working outside the home.

  17. We introduced solids to our son around 6 months. For the first month it was just once a day — evenings. Once we’d introduced a variety of fruits and veggies, daycare started giving solids while he was there as well (7-7.5 months?). We have a lot of food allergies in the family so tried for “new” foods to be given a few times at home a few times before at daycare. We were likely more careful than we needed to be but it worked out ok — it helped that he was happy eating solids when my supply started to tank as he got close to 1yr. It was good for keeping him busy too when I needed to get something done in the kitchen or so we could chat at supper 🙂

  18. Both of my first two had solids (fruit/veg puree) at 5 1/2 months. I was pretty consistent with first baby because I had to work part time and the babysitter needed something specific to feed her when I was gone. But with baby #2 it was food from our plates, mashed or cut small. Baby #3 isn’t there yet but I hope to wait until 6 months or so. And to keep it simple with bananas, avacados and table food mashed.

  19. We were very consistent with solids – once a day, then worked up to twice a day, then 3 times a day.

  20. We are pretty laid back with starting solids, simply because nursing is so much easier. However, once my babies could sit up in the booster chair we would put them at the table with us. Before that my husband or 1 would hold them while we ate. So at the beginning solids were just a way to keep the baby entertained at the table with us. We would give them anything that was soft enough for them (within reason) also avacado or some bannana.
    My oldest son weighed 18.5 pounds at a year and now he’s 17 and is 6ft. tall and weighs about 160. My second son weighed 20 pounds at 4 months and now he’s 15 and about 5’11” and weighs about 145 pounds. I think we fed them both the same but I remember my younger son eating way more than my older son. Now, they both eat tons! I think you just have to watch your baby, look for signs of hunger and offer healthy whole foods.

  21. My son was exclusively breastfed until he was 6 months and then we started introducing homemade baby foods. I fed him solids once a day for the first month or so and then just started feeding him more and more. I didn’t follow any rules or strict plan regarding feeding. Plus, he still preferred nursing over eating!!

  22. My son is just now 6 months old and we’re giving him solids sporadically. I still breastfeed him as much as possible and he hasn’t had formula yet, but I have given him a little juice here and there in a sippy cup.

    He reaches for *everything* he sees in my hands, and that includes foods and drinks, so if it’s something he can gnaw on, I let him. If it’s a veggie, I pull out our food grinder and make it into homemade baby food on the spot. I let him also suck on fruit through the new netted baby food feeder things (sorry – that’s obviously not the technical name, but I don’t know what it is!?). I’d say at least once a day he’s getting some apple sauce or ground up veggies, sometimes more often than that. I hope that helps!

  23. Melinda says:

    My lactation consultant said that as long as you want to breastfeed and not start toward full weaning, you should nurse your baby before every time of giving the baby solids. It’s been a good reminder for me! She also said to offer solids three times a day. My daughter is 13.5 months now, and I’m only just starting to get that third meal in there (breakfast). She’s such a mess maker that, honestly, it’s just a LOT of work to feed her (or, rather, let her feed herself as she wants to do!).

  24. Katrina says:

    My 3rd daughter is 8 months old and we are not consistent at all with solids. I tried starting around 6 months and she was not interested at all! I’m an at home mom and breastfeeding so I know that she is getting what she needs each day. Surprisingly I found something that she loves and now eats daily…homemade yogurt! So about once a day she has a little yogurt with pureed fruit. I too am trying to stay away from grains and don’t touch the cereal, but sometimes I have to pull out the puffs!

  25. Rebecca P says:

    Amy, I sound a lot like you. Our Jillian (2nd born) is 7 months old and she gets some food about once a day….if I remember. And when she gets fed it’s like a 1/3 of a little jar. She doesn’t really like food, yet. But she’s thriving on breast milk. Our oldest ate like a champ right off the bat, so this is a little weird, but I’m going with the flow. To be honest, since she doesn’t love food, it doesn’t bother me very much because that’s one less thing for me to worry about! She’ll eat food when she’s good and ready.

  26. Christie says:

    No babies myself–yet–but I’m a proud aunt who is very involved in her nieces’ and nephews’ lives. My 3rd nephew was medically unable to eat anything but formula until he was almost 11 months old due to gastric outlet issues and some other things.
    He still struggles with hand-eye coordination now, at 18 months, and I wonder if it’s not because he never had the change to try to eat things like Cheerios or bits of other foods. Not scientific, but my observations based on interactions with lots of babies.
    Whenever God blesses us with a baby, I plan on breast feeding, with some safe snack type foods at the 6-8 month mark to help promote hand-eye-coordination.

  27. I have a nine month old and we started solids around 6 months. She eats when we eat: breakfast, lunch, a small snack, and supper. I don’t puree anything, just feed her whatever we’re eating, smashed up with a fork or in small pieces. She only has one tooth but does perfectly fine picking up and eating food on her own. This is what I did with child #1 too and both are excellent eaters.

  28. I started introducing solids to my daughter after she was 6 months. I was not consistent at all at first. She is our first child so it was a challenge making the transistion from all bottles and figuring out a new eating schedule that worked well. Plus when you add in getting teeth and the new found freedom of crawling, food is not as high on the totem pole – she was much more interested in exploring then being stuck in a chair eating. Between 9 months – 1 year we had her much more consistent with solids. She was having three meals a day which usually consisted of a mixture of baby foods and what we were eating if it was soft enough. She’s now 14 months and if it doesn’t come in a sippy cup or if she can’t feed it to her self, she’s not interested 🙂

  29. Like Christie, I don’t have experience yet with my own, but we’re expecting our first in November, so I’d love to win a set of these! Like most new moms I’m reading all I can and getting lots of advice from experienced moms, but I’m trying not to be hard core about what I WILL do as I know things tend to change when reality hits!

  30. Michelle says:

    I have three boys who have been great eaters right from the start. Excellent BF experiences. We started solids at 6 months about once a day. And from there it was just sit them in the chair and give them soft food to play with. We typically start with veggies, then fruit, then yogurt, then grains and then whatever is left. Lots of fun!

  31. Krista F says:

    I started purees with my daughter at 6 months, but she wasn’t really interested. I’d try to feed her solids at least once or twice a day, but I wasn’t very consistent. We breastfed exclusively and I heard from my La Leche League that “until one, solids are just for fun.” Before 1, breastmilk or formula provides better nutrients than solid foods. So, instead of worrying that she wasn’t getting enough nutrients from solids, I used feeding time as a chance to explore new tastes, and textures of food. By 11 months, she’d perfected the pincer grasp, and enjoyed feeding herself. I got a lot more consistent with solids. At 1 year, we still nurse, but only around naps and bedtime. She prefers eating solids most of the time. It really depends on your baby. My friend’s son was begging for solid food at 5 months.

  32. Samantha says:

    My little guy is 5 months, so we haven’t started solids yet (waiting until at least 6 months). But I have a feeling that once we do start, it won’t be consistent. Probably once a day for a long time.

  33. No baby story as my two children were adopted as older children (3 1/2 yrs), but we are moving toward being plastic-less. Great giveaway. Thank you for the possibilities.

  34. My 2nd child is nearly 9 months old. We started solids around 6 months. She is mostly breastfed though with organic baby food (generally Earth’s best or plum organics) or yo baby once a day. She’s really not that into babyfood so I don’t push it. I do give her snacks like plum organic puffs or yogurt melts as she likes to eat while we are eating and it gives her good practice for her pincer grasp. Her other favorite is baby mum mums. I’m fine with her mostly having breastmilk. We try to stick with organics and use less plastic so these dandelion products look pretty cool. Thanks.

  35. Carrie M says:

    My second is nearly ten months, and I do breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. Snacks are little puffs, crackers, that he can pickup and feed himself. He has allergies to milk and eggs, so I’ve also had him try soy yogurt, he liked it.

  36. I start my kids on purees and some cereal when they are near 6 months. I started my second a little bit earlier hoping to prolong breastfeeding. I have supply issues, and it was either give him something else, or give him more formula. The food did help and I was able to continue until about 8 months. Anyway, my daughter (the older of the two) wasn’t crazy for cereal unless it had fruit in it. She ate purees for a good couple of months, and then started rejecting them and we started giving her small and/or soft foods to eat on her own. She has always been a really good fruit and veggie eater. She even liked salsa at a young age. She actually would not eat meat until almost 18 months, and would eat bread or cereal snacks after about 12 months. My son (the baby- ok, he’s 15 months now) wouldn’t touch baby cereals- not oatmeal or rice. I could use them to thicken his fruits and veggies, but they could not be tastable. He only ate purees for about 2 months and then decided he was done with that and wanted real food like the rest of us. So that’s what I fed him. He’s a great eater though. He eats pretty much everything, even meat and bread that my girl wouldn’t touch for a long time. I had the best of intentions to make my own baby food when I had my first, but financial circumstances changed and we found ourselves needing WIC to get formula (due to previously cited supply issues). They also provide baby foods, so that’s what I ended up using.
    As far as consistency, I was MUCH more consistent with my daughter. Of course, she was an only baby, so it was easier to sit down and feed her baby food. My boy didn’t get baby food as often, though he did usually have breakfast and dinner “with” us. Once he started eating real food though, it became a lot easier to be consistent, because he was there demanding the food. Since I was already used to making child-friendly foods for my daughter, it was easy to just give him what I was giving her. She’s only 15 months older than him. And by child friendly I mean cut up cooked veggies, not chicken nuggets and fries.

  37. My grandson started 1 tbsp of rice cereal with breast milk at 4 months once a day then my daughter went to twice a day 2 tbsp then will go to 3 times a day and will start veggie’s she puree’s for him at 5 months. He is on a schedule at 10 am and 8 pm and will most likely add a 3 pm feeding when it is time for 3. He showed signs of readiness and wanted more and is sleeping longer through the night.

  38. My daughter is 9mos & LOVES to eat solid food (maybe because she sees her 3 big brothers eating all the time?) I nurse her every 2 hours during the day, she sleeps through the night (yay!) but she eats solid food at least 3 times a day, sometimes more. My boys are snackers, and she is too 🙂 We try to always have fresh fruit & veggies for everyone to snack on. I make all her pureed baby foods, and the rest she just eats the same as what we’re eating. She hasn’t had any meat yet, but I did cave on the grains. Cheerios are just *so easy* when she’s in the high chair screaming because dinner (or breakfast) isn’t in her mouth yet, lol. She also loves avocados, oatmeal & homemade yogurt. Never did baby cereal with her, we started with green beans at 7 months per our pediatrician’s recommendation of a first food, she hates them 🙂

  39. My youngest refused to eat puree’s. He’d knock the spoon out of my hand! So we went the baby led weaning route with him and offered him soft foods when we ate lunch and supper. Things like sweet potato fries and avocado. With my next child we will probably do a mixture of homemade babyfood and baby led weaning.

  40. Ahhh, the difference between little love #1 and little love #4. Our first baby we gave cereal to at 3.5 months (he was 20 lbs and people told me he needed food.) I love the relaxation that comes with doing this a time or two. Our fourth babe only had breast milk until 6 months. Then she had baby food a few days/ week. Now she is 8 months old and eats food 1-2 times per day. She is very interested in our eating and I give her things that are appropriate from out plate. I love your Blog! I sometimes think we live the same life.

  41. With the first one I was more regular because I wanted to do everything “right.” As we went down the line…it was hit or miss….they ate when we did…or when they seemed hungry…. They all turned out fine.

  42. I started feeding solid foods at 5 months, she was breastfeeding like crazy and not getting enough so I supplemented with cereals and purees and some formula which is what my doctor suggested. She is now 18 months and feeds herself, and is a good eater. My next baby will proabably not get baby cereal because I’ve learned too much about it recently.

  43. David is just over 7 months. I haven’t been terribly consistent with the solids. Some day it seems like he eats a ton … some days, hardly or not at all. Sometimes depending on my busyness/lazyness!


  44. I didn’t give my two year old solids until she was 6 months old…..then it was mostly bananas and mashed veggies. She wan’t really into eating solids until she was 1 – and then she went to town. 🙂 We didn’t do baby cereal. *GASP!* 🙂

  45. Every baby is a little different, and you really need to watch your baby and see what your particular baby needs.
    Putting things in their mouth is not an accurate way to determine readiness, we don’t say that babies want to eat a shoe when they smack their lips and try to put it in their mouth when they see it, right? Solid foods need to be only a very small part of their diet before 12 months. Their bodies are not able to digest solid food enough to get nutrients from them and use them, but it can fill them up so they cannot eat as much of their breast milk or formula, and then weight loss can occur.
    It is completely normal if your baby does not want to eat solids before then. I had made a personal decision based on our family health history to EBF to one year and with careful watching, doctor’s supervision, iron tests to monitor, all four were very, very healthy and did wonderful. Of course, not everyone can do that, but it is possible and not unhealthy.

  46. I was very inconsistent. After my daughter turned 6 months, I started with a runny rice cereal once a day. As she got older, I upped the dosage and thickness. Honestly, though? I found solid feeding to be quite a hassle, so if you’re blessed enough to be breastfeeding – keep at it :).

  47. We started solids around 6 months with both…bananas, avacado, homemade rice or barley cereal, oatmeal, and just slowly introduced stuff as it seemed right. Soft things (applesauce, etc) and then fruit pieces, cooked veggie pieces and by a year they are getting cheese, eggs, smashed up meat, etc. I think the kid should lead too and that we are WAY too focused on feeding food early. (4 months+, strict schedule, etc) I think babies kind of know when they want and what they want and we should just go with it.


  48. I was planning to go more slowly with this one. I started him with solids at 6 months, but my intention was to feed him max once a day. After a few weeks, he had different ideas! He’s just about 7 months now, and I feed him two small portions of solids a day, once at lunch-ish time and once at dinner-ish time. I don’t mind the mess, really – I figure no matter when baby starts to learn to eat, and no matter what method you use (purees or BLW), there’s going to be a mess! For goodness’ sake, my toddler still makes a mess when he eats, lol 😉 I do try from the beginning, though, to get him used to feeding himself, and we don’t stay in the puree stage for long (provided baby’s ready to move on).

    • Ah, yes. always a mess. I do prefer that HE be the one making the mess, though. I like that I can eat my OWN meal while he plays with his food. 🙂

  49. With Baby2 we were successful at breastfeeding for the first 53 1/2 weeks. I was pretty sporadic about solids since he was such a good breast feeder. Honestly have you ever met a kindergartner incapable of eating solid food (you know, not counting kids that have actual medical issues)? I don’t think you can really ruin your kid’s ability to eat. No need to be a basketcase about the exact # of solid feedings at the exact right time. Jackie sounds like she’s being pretty rational about the whole thing. Fit in solids when time and stress level allows…we mostly did it when we were all at the table for a meal. My baby2 is 24 months now and a champion eater of all kinds of solids.

  50. Isabella says:

    With my first baby, I couldn’t wait to get started with solids, but waited until 6 months of age and was pretty consistent with feeding him once a day, then twice a day and so on…With my baby girl who is 8 months now, I wasn’t in any hurry. I introduced some mashed up avocado, sweet potato and squash around 7 months, but haven’t been very consistent and she hasn’t been very happy about “solids”, she prefers mommy’s milk and I’m happy for that. It’s so much easier to deal with breastfeeding than cleaning up the mess from all the spitting and general feeding of the solids!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  51. With both of my kids, we started introducing solids a little after 6 months, but for several months they probably only ate solids once a day. Then at 9-10 months we started doing some at lunch and then by 12 months we had usually added in something for breakfast. My babies both continued nursing up to and beyond a year so I always knew they were getting plenty of good nutrition. With our second daughter, I probably only made special food for her 3-4 times. She usually just ate whatever we were also having that would work for her. We also did very little spoon feeding and just gave her small, soft pieces of our food. She seemed to love the textures and the flavors and is still a voracious eater!

  52. Rebecca says:

    We started baby 1 earlier than the rest, probably 3-4 months old. Our last one was probably closer to 6 months old. We aren’t very consistent, lol.

  53. I’ve been giving my 4 babies rice cereal for starters at four months, they’re just hungry, but I have a difficult time keeping up with the variety of veges/fruits once they start solids, especially if it’s not in season. Boo

  54. I started giving my daughter cereal at about 6 months when she was lunging for everything I was eating. She’s now 8 months and usually “eats” lunch and supper with us when we sit down at the table. It’s hit or miss if she’s interested in food that day. I try to give her finger foods and she entertains herself with that for awhile while I eat. She definitely prefers the food I make for her over the store bought (mostly veggies).

  55. kathleen says:

    My 2 older ones where happy with bottle so I held off food and even when I gave it was not consistent. My 2 young where eaters from a very young age. So for them they made me be consistent.

  56. I waited to introduce solids until my little one turned 6 months old. Then I started just once a day. I certainly remember being stressed out trying to figure out how many times a day I should be offering solids. For awhile it felt like all I was doing with my day was feeding someone!

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