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Snow {Finer Things Friday}

It wasn’t much in my eyes.

The snow we received the other night didn’t even blanket the dead grass.  It wouldn’t touch our drought conditions, and there certainly wasn’t enough for snow ice cream or even a day off of school.

“Look how deep it is!” she squealed on her way downstairs to dig for snow boots.  Trampling through the white, she was ready for school in record time, certain to leave tracks in the yard before taking off for the day.

At noon, my husband came in the door grinning with a story.  He had seen her at lunch a few minutes earlier.  After she left for recess, her teacher approached.  “Did you notice what she’s wearing?”  After momentary panic (No, he didn’t notice, and what? and why?) she explained that our little firecracker arrived at school soaking wet and shivering.  Her clothes are in the dryer.

Apparently, the excitement was too much.  In the one block walk from our house to school, she couldn’t resist.  She rolled in the snow.  She made snow angels.  She arrived cold, wet, and glowing from the excitement of it all.

Oh, that child.

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