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Smile {A Fresh Start}

“Mom, is that your mad face?”

“Mom, why do you have your mad face on?”

“Mom, is that your mad face or your concentrating face?”

Apparently I don’t smile enough!

This one holds me accountable.  He’s a sensitive soul, and it worries him when the corners of my mouth aren’t turned up.  He doesn’t want me to be upset or angry, and he certainly doesn’t want to be the cause of the scowl!

Do I scowl?!

For a fresh start this year, I’m going to smile more. 

Oh sure, the baby brings out the grins in all of us, and some of the things the toddler says have us leaving the room so he doesn’t know we think he’s funny.  (Oh, but he is funny!)

In the day to day grind, though, I think I forget to smile! Pity, because it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, and I’m a bit of a lazy sort, so I should smile more!  Besides, smiling is an instant mood lifter.  It makes the ordinary extraordinary.  Smiling is contagious, the best kind of sharing!  We never know how a smile may change someone’s day, even our own.

A smile may not fix my situation, but it very well could fix my attitude. 

This year, I’m going to smile a big smile.  A smile that can be seen on my face and heard in my voice.  (Even my writing voice. Can you hear it? 😉 )


Source: Elise [4] on Pinterest [5]