Sleep is Overrated

This is it!  Last leg of the Disney Trip!

After brunch we said some tentative good-byes (with hopes that we may see friends later that day in the parks) and then went back to our room to clean up and get ready to move resorts.  This was the end of the conference, but when booking flights I found that we could save $500 by going home Monday instead of Sunday.  Worth it!


If I had it to do all over again, we may have stayed in the Contemporary one more night just so we could play at the parks instead of spend time packing up and moving resorts, but as it was, we saved $200 by moving resorts.  A hassle with a tired family of 7?  Yes.  But we lived to tell about it and got to have another fun Disney experience, so it’s all good.

Because we were moving from Disney Resort to Disney Resort, the magical Disney cast members moved our luggage for us.  All we took with us were the things we needed for the day:  backpacks and the diaper bag.


Once they came for our bags we visited the gift shop and then set out to find our room at the All Star Sports resort.  We took the monorail to Magic Kingdom and then caught the bus at Magic Kingdom that took us to the resort.  Easy Peasy.


Would you believe that our room just so happened to be in the football section of the resort?!  How fun is that?


Even Miss Ruffles had a good time crawling around and stretching out on the artificial turf courtyards.


All Star Sports is a value resort.  There are no “frills” like at the Contemporary, and it’s not on the monorail, but we were here for the kids and they loved it!  Also, Disney is still Disney, and the service we received at All Star Sports was Stellar.  Due to our family size we really should have booked 2 rooms, but when the concierge saw that we were to leave at 3am she said, “If you don’t want two rooms, we won’t make you pay for an extra.  You’re not going to sleep, anyway.”  Bless her!

Housekeeping saw our tribe walk up, and within 2 minutes they knocked on the door with a stack of fresh towels.  “I think you’ll need more towels for your crew,” she grinned.

We spent the afternoon napping, swimming, and exploring the resort.  We also grabbed a late lunch at the food court.  Yes, it costs $10 for a burger and fries, but it was a good burger and fries, so we’ll take it!

After that, we had a decision to make.  What to do?  1) We’re at Disney one more night! 2) Our kids are exhausted.  3) Our friends are still here!  4) We have to leave at 3am to catch our 6am flight.  (Who scheduled that flight, anyway?!) 😉

The big kids wanted to Go!  Play! but the littles… we just weren’t sure they could handle it.  So, we split up.  Dad got the littles (again.  Poor guy.) and mom hopped the bus with the big kids.


Magic Kingdom here we come, and Happy Mother’s Day to me!  We had a blast with friends, staying out past the 10:00 fireworks show and night parade.  We ended the night by zipping down Splash Mountain and inhaling Dole Whips, which pretty much means we covered the basics, I think.


Exhausted and happy, but sad to leave our friends, we hopped on the bus back to All Star Sports around 11:00 pm.  The kids fell into bed, and I washed my face and made sure everything was set for the 2:00 alarm.  Two hours of sleep?  No problem.  😉


Surprisingly enough, our family wasn’t alone on that 3am Magical Express ride to the airport.  We literally pulled the kids out of bed (they went to bed dressed for the trip home) and onto the bus.  I strapped the baby to me so she could just keep sleeping.

We were at the airport ready to check in at 4am, but the check in lines didn’t open until 4:30.  The kids did surprisingly well, but everyone was starting to fade fast!  Looking back, yes, it was early.  However, it was a huge airport and I’m really thankful that we were there at a super early (slow!) time to drag everyone through TSA.  Much easier that way with a large family with many young children, some of whom forgot to ditch the water bottles in their back packs.  Oops!


We had plenty of time to grab breakfast at the airport before finding our gate, and then we sat.  THAT’s when everyone got tired.  And cold.  And tired…

But we made it!  Flights were smooth, kids did great.  We arrived back to our little airport around 10:30 that morning, zipped through a drive through for lunch, and headed home.  We pulled in our driveway at 11:47, and the kids and Lance were back at school at 12:10, I kid you not, for field day.  They didn’t want to miss it!   And that night we attended 8th grade graduation and a couple graduation parties, because we’re a special kind of crazy around here.  Besides, sleep is overrated.


Thanks so much for reliving Disney with me!  It was such a blessing for our family to attended the Disney Social Media Moms Conference and received discounted rates and tickets to various events and attractions. They didn’t ask me to write about the trip.  I’m doing that so we never forget the awesome.


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  1. I have loved this series!! Thanks for sharing all your pics & fun stories @ bro g real with it. It’s been 5 years since we went to Disney & my girls still talk about that trip.

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