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Shop Zulily, Get $10 Credit


If you are new to Zulily [3],

  1. You are missing out on some fun gift ideas and deals.
  2. You can get a $10 credit when you sign up with my referral link! [3]
  3. I’m right there with ya.  It’s new to me, too!  (Let me know if you find a screaming deal so I can grab it, too!)

Our 5 year old has a set of dishes like this that has been used and abused.  That child loves to play restaurant, and is constantly serving up some delicious dish or another, like purple pickle popsicles.  Uh-huh.  This set is $12.99 at Zulily right now.  You’d pay just $2.99 + shipping with your $10 credit [3].

After you purchase one item with shipping today (Wednesday, November 14), the rest of your shopping for the day comes with FREE SHIPPING.  My very favorite thing about online shopping (other than doing it in my jammies and glasses) is the free shipping.  Amen.

Happy Zulily Shopping!