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Seventh Generation Baby Fest

Quiz:  What’s the body’s largest organ?

Give up?

Our skin.

I’m so bad, friends.  I bend over backwards to make sure my babies are breastfed.  I’ve learned a ton in the last few years about healthier foods for my family.  I cook and bake much of what we eat from scratch.  I joined a co-op to have easier access to organic foods.  What goes in our body is the good stuff!

What goes on our bodies, though?  I’m still working on that.  I do know that our skin is super absorbent.  That has been proven over and over to me  even recently as we’ve (successfully) battled colds with my essential oils [3].  If it absorbs the good stuff, I know it absorbs the bad stuff, too.  I read something once that said “don’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t put in your body.”  Yikes!

On Thursday, December 13, from 1-2 p.m. EST, Seventh Generation [4] and The Motherhood are hosting a Twitter party to discuss everything we need to know about ingredients, scents, packaging and labels on baby personal care products like shampoo and lotion.
Follow the #7GenBabyFest hashtag to track the conversation.  You can see the details and RSVP here. [5]

Seventh Generation will give away four gift baskets containing full lines of the Seventh Generation baby care and home care products. One winner will receive a baby massage class in the winner’s area.

Following the party, you can also participate in an Instagram contest with Seventh Generation! Beginning December 14, take an Instagram photo to illustrate how you practice natural parenting, tag @SeventhGeneration [6] and use the #7GenBabyFest [7] hashtag.

7 winners each day for three days will receive a Seventh Generation Baby gift basket. If you win, you’ll be contacted via Instagram with a request to share your mailing information.

Confession:  Things like Instagram kind of make me want a smart phone…

So tell me, are you as careful about what you put on your body as you are with what you put in your body?  What’s “the good stuff” for personal care products?