Seven Layer Tex-Mex Dip

This crowd pleasing dip certainly isn’t a new recipe.  It’s definitely an easy, versatile one, though!  Layers are flexible, measurements optional.  As a plus, if you make it with real food ingredients, you can even call it healthy!

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  1. Nia Hanna says:

    You’re so right about this “recipe” not being new. But adding seasoning to my sour cream certainly is. Now, I’ve had 7 layer dip before, and even put one together a time or two, but never thought to add seasoning to my sour cream. I just layered my ingredients and went about serving my dip proudly. Maybe the “original” recipe calls for seasoning the s. cream, but I always assumed it was the beans that were seasoned (even when using canned). Boy was I wrong and glad I looked up your recipe the other night. I had some avocados that needed using in a hurry and whipped this together for a late night snack/dinner. I doubled all the ingredients and added 1 T lime juice to my mashed avocado plus 1/4 t salt- I figured if seasoning sour cream was good, seasoning avocado would be even better. This dip was so delicious I ate it for B,L,D and snacks all the following day. I sent it with hubby for lunch and gave him so much he had leftovers, which I proudly finished for him yesterday. I was really sad it was all gone, so I plan to make more soon. This was hands down the best dip I’ve ever eaten and I thank you for sharing this “new to me” recipe!

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