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Several months ago I was introduced to Swagbucks, an online search engine (search results come from Google) where you win random points for searching the internet (something I do anyway.)  I signed up right away, downloaded the toolbar so that my Swagbucks search was convenient and I wouldn’t forget about it, and started winning some bucks!  I’m definitely hooked on Swagbucks.

Since then I’ve done all of my online “Googling” through Swagbucks and have won 1,808 bucks! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the program and its rewards, that translates as

  • $140 in Starbucks gift cards or
  • $150 in Barnes N Noble gift cards or
  • $160 in Target gift cards or
  • $200 in gift cards or
  • 2 (1G) iPod shuffles or
  • so much more!!!!

Interested?  Great!  The awesome folks at Swagbucks have released a special code just for my readers. When you sign up you can earn an immediate extra 2 Swagbucks by entering the code AMYSFINERTHINGS.  You earn 3 when you sign up anyway.  By entering AMYSFINERTHINGS in the code box, you’ll now have 5 points!

The key to earning points quickly is to have your friends and family sign up with your referral link.  Even if you don’t have a blog, you can email your link or post it to facebook to encourage everyone to Swag with you!  The first 100 points that each of your friends earn, you earn, too.

You search the internet anyway.  Why not search with Swagbucks and win?!

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  1. Sounds good

  2. Wow, what have you received from them? Sounds great!

  3. Okay, you’ve finally talked me into it! I hope you get referral credit!

  4. I’m stunned. That be a lot of SwagBucks. Good for you! We are enjoying it over here, that’s for sure.

  5. I started about a month ago and have enough for my second Amazon $5 gift card… I doubt I have as many readers as you signing up and helping you out 🙂

    I choose Amazon for mine.. don’t have to wait as long for payout and $ gained is higher = win/win for me!

  6. I am already a member…but I forget to do my searches through them…you have inspired me again!

  7. Wow – never heard of them. I’ll have to check it out. :o)

  8. Hhhmm, going to check it our right now. Great tip!

  9. Ok, I think I can do this…

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