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I believe I owe you one.  Or five.  Who’s counting?!  Last week was not a stellar blogging week for me, so the Fresh Start series will likely extend right into February.  Hang in there!  I have a gift for everyone at the end!

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Not long ago I was preaching “Just Say No!”  You get more done.  Family life is more peaceful.  You save both money and sanity.  No is a good thing.

The best reason to say no, though, is so that you can say YES.

Yes, really!

Every time we say no to one thing, even a good thing, we are saying yes to something else.

Our goal in saying no is not the “No,” it’s the (hopefully better!) “Yes”!  Better is different for all of us, and will change over time.

Right now we say Yes! to supper at home and children in bed on time (amen, right?!) most nights.

We say Yes! to planning ahead and eliminating multiple trips to town so that we can go to our children’s ballgames and visit family on the weekends.

We say Yes! to building our savings account for the expected, declaring, “Yes!  We can pay for this even if it stinks!” (think braces, new plumbing, etc.)

We say Yes! to volunteer time that doesn’t burden the family.  Right now (for me) that is a once a month, 2 1/2 hour library duty and Azure drop coordinating.

No, I can’t work the bake sale all day on Saturday, but Yes! I can make three pans of cinnamon rolls.  You bet’cha!

Saying No doesn’t have to be a downer.  It doesn’t make you a recluse or a bad person.  It doesn’t mean you can’t spend any money on anything fun ever.  Saying No is merely a gateway to your better Yes!

As a mom to many little people, it’s important that I say yes right now to the finger paint messes, storytime, and picnics on 70° January days.  We must free up our after school commitments in order to say yes! to driveway basketball games with friends, zombie tag (what in the world?!) in the yard, and spontaneous walks to the park.  For us, that’s the good stuff.  That’s our sweet spot right now.

Perhaps you’re in a new baby season where you need to say yes! to being at home most of the time.  Maybe you have a child ready to go to college and you need to say yes! to significant savings for the next few months.  Your children might all be at the “perfect travel age” (whatever that is!) and you want to say yes! to saving for a real vacation.

Don’t be afraid of No.  It will get you to your Yes!

What are you saying Yes! to today? (I believe I’ll go say yes to a clean(er) house…)



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  1. Saying yes to packing and reading today! And keeping on the sunny side of life 🙂

  2. I love this perspective!! As a recovering compulsive over-committer ;), I had to learn to say no, and it was really tough. Still is at times, especially when the guilt kicks in, or there are multiple things I would like to say yes to. This perspective should help me to say yes to the more important things – time with my husband, time for this introvert to recharge, time for family and friends. Thanks so much!

  3. I am struggling with this right now. I just joined a new church. I sing and play the piano and their youth pastor and music pastor are already trying to “recruit” me. I love singing and love playing the piano and want to use those gifts that God has given me; however, I have four boys, 11, 4, 2 and 6 months old. I work part time at home and go to school part time. I have a feeling that would be stretching me too thin to commit to this, but I really would like to help them out (the youth department really needs some musicians to help out, however, the “big church” probably has enough singers/musicians). Anyway, just thinking out loud here. Kind of confused and don’t know whether to say yes or no.

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