SavvyCents Wallet: Give the Gift of Organization

I have a confession to make.  I fully intend on keeping this next giveaway item. It’s not cheating, is it, if I donate the retail value to a charity rather than the actual item?  I need this wallet!

Today’s 30 Day Giving Challenge sponsor is Savvycents.

The 8″ x 4″ Savvycents wallet is not only functional but also fashionable. It contains everything you need to organize your monthly or weekly budget using a cash system. With an accordion style file system inside the wallet you can separate money, coupons, receipts or store discount cards by categories. Your wallet comes with file cards where you can label each category with our pre-printed labels. There are also blank labels where you can customize your wallet based on your personal categories. You no longer have to carry envelopes or zip lock bags to separate your money and coupons. Your change will fit nicely in a coin pocket located on the backside of the wallet.

It also has 6 pockets for debit cards and store discount cards. On the opposite side there is a place for your driver’s license and a place for your checkbook.

Another confession:  I don’t use the cash budgeting system.  I know!  For a variety of reasons, though, we’d like to try it out and I definitely think being organized about it will give me a greater chance at success.

Want to win a Savvycents wallet ($24.95 value) to share or use yourself?

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Disclosure: Savvycents provided me with one wallet to donate to someone in need, along with one to give away. As always, the opinions in this post are my own.  (And I still think I’m going to keep the wallet and donate the $25.)

The other bloggers leading the 30-Day Giving Challenge are also giving away Savvycents Wallets.  Stop by each of their sites for more chances to win!

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  1. I need this to follow my Dave Ramsey system!

  2. I started the cash system on Nov 1 and I’m pleased to note that I still have some cash left over! It’s been quite difficult to figure out how to handle Walmart transactions smoothly – usually I’m fumbling and just grab some bills from several envelopes. Hubs says to not bother splitting it out, but I’m not so sure about that. Regardless, I came up with a pretty good piece of “hardware” for my envelope system, but I’d love to give this a try. Thanks for the chance!

  3. I follow

  4. Ana Maria S. says:

    We are attempting to follow the cash only system; we do only use our debit cards for everything (no credit cards at all!) 🙂

  5. And I’d love to give this a try as well!

  6. I subscribe!

  7. Ana Maria S. says:

    I “liked” Savvycents on FB

  8. I like the envelope system and love anything that keeps me organized. I would love to win this.

  9. we use the cash system

  10. follow savvycents on twitter

  11. I have attended a Dave Ramsey video class however, I have YET to try the cash only system!

  12. I have a budget system on my computer

  13. We use the envelope system, started when we still had student loans, now our only debt is our house, but it sure is the key to staying on track.

  14. I subscribe on RSS as well. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving with your new little one.

  15. How exciting, we are on a cash budget and would love to have this to help us out!

  16. The cash only system works really well for me – when I follow it! 🙂 I have recently returned to cash in envelopes and it makes a huge difference in my spending habits.

  17. I subscribe via RSS

  18. We do some cash, some credit card (paid in full)

  19. I subscribe to your blog via Google Reader

  20. I really like the cash system, this wallet would be great!

  21. I follow on Facebook!

  22. I follow you via RSS!

  23. We spend what we have in cash, try not to use credit at all.

  24. We have a written budget with spending limits for each category (groceries, gas, etc.)

  25. We have a spreadsheet with budgets and goals that we follow mainly and to implement the spreadsheet we use cash system and it works wonders for us. This would be perfect compared to the mess my wallet and bag are currently

  26. Subscriber

  27. envelope system

    jensteed dot 08 at gmail dot com

  28. i follow them on twitter @happylhomemaker

    jensteed dot 08 at gmail dot com

  29. My husband and I are working through Dave Ramsey’s FPU right now,


  30. I follow you on facebook

  31. We follow Dave Ramsey’s cash system

  32. follow savvy cents

  33. We like the envelope system.

  34. I’m a follower.

  35. Following on Twitter.

  36. We use a cash envelope system that we learned from Dave Ramsey.

  37. system? I’m supposed to have a system? I just do the drugstore deals and grocery game as much as possible

  38. Like Savvycents on FB

  39. I “know” the lady that invented the Savvycents wallet….Her dad was the music minister at my home church! Small world….
    My husband and I live on a small income for two people and just recently have started a cash only budget (except for major bills, like student loans, insurance, phone, etc-those get paid by check). We do not own a credit card (in our possession), but my father-in-law keeps a credit card for us (in our name) in case we ever need anything….
    At the beginning of every month (after we get out 1st paycheck), I go to the bank and pull out all the money we need for the month: groceries, out to eat money, “fun money,” etc.
    I just use regular business envelopes to keep our cash in, but a Savvycents wallet would be perfect for the organizational part of it!
    I think the cash system has really helped us….it also keeps my husband responsible for keeping up with his own money….even the change! He hates having change (actual coins) in his pocket, but I tell him that his change adds up to money and if he wants to use all his “fun money” the coins will come in handy….

  40. I also “liked” Savvycents on FB….

  41. I don’t have a good system in place. Would love to try this wallet!

  42. I subscribe to your feed and I’m a FB fan!

  43. I prefer the envelope system but could really use a better way of keeping things organized!

  44. What a pretty wallet! 🙂


  45. A great organizing tool

  46. I use the cash/envelope system. My envelopes are getting worn. This wallet would be great.

  47. I subscribe through RSS

  48. We are not great budgeters, so any help is welcome!! It’s an area we will need to pay more and more attention to in the near future as we welcome a new addition to the family. 🙂

  49. I am a subscriber. Thanks!

  50. We do some cash and some credit cards that we pay in full every month. I would love to do a full cash evenlope system though!

  51. We just started using the cash system a few months ago and it is working great! It took a while for my hubby to be comfortable with it, but now it is much easier for him.

  52. I would love to start using the cash envelope system and this would help!

  53. We do a budget in Excel and use credit cards for which we earn points and pay off the balance every month. . . .

  54. Email subscriber too. . . .

  55. I’ve been trying to use the envelope system, but am still developing the self discipline to make it work.

  56. I subscribe, too.

  57. I really have to get better with the cash system (envelopes). We use debit for everything, down to my DD’s coffee, but I think I’d be more accountable if I had to actually physically shell out the cash!!

  58. We use some cash and a debit card.

  59. I subscribe to your emails.

  60. We do the cash system for several things, including groceries and we love it! It’s very rare that I overspend and most of the time I have leftover money.Cash is king!

  61. I subscrive via email.

  62. I like you on Facebook.

  63. We prefer the envelope system. It has really helped us on our way to becoming debt free.

  64. I subscribe to your emails.

  65. I follow Savvycents on facebook.

  66. I use my debit card and track what I spend on a spreadsheet.

  67. I subscribe via email.

  68. I must confess, I don’t currently use a cash system; we are in the process of converting, and have set Jan. 1st as a goal to convert over;. This would be a great item to keep the momentum going!

  69. I’m a facebook fan and follower!

  70. I’m an email subscriber

  71. Right now we are running most of our budget through our checkbook. But I had an interesting discussion with a store owner about how credit cards make their profits and the cost for all consumers because of the people who use credit cards. If we all used cash, the prices in the stores would be less. Credit cards cost everyone, for if there were no profit, would there be the option for the credit cards?

  72. I keep a budget on an Excel spreadsheet that we try and follow. We don’t go exact like a cash system but we do follow pretty closely. This helps us build up the savings accounts, pay off debt, and still be able to buy things we want without having to worry about money.

  73. milo johnston says:

    We use a small bill organizer that I got at a yard sale to seperate coupons and money so this would be great!

  74. milo johnston says:

    i subscribed to your email

  75. milo johnston says:

    i follow savvycents of fb

  76. I’m slowly getting into the envelope system. It’s worked well for groceries the last few months, and I’m ready to add another category. Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. I subscribe via email.

  78. I do the envelope system. I have never seen these before. I would love one and it would be alot easier! Thanks!

  79. email subscriber.

  80. we do cash

  81. What a blessing it would be to help organize my everyday
    spending. I have subscribed to your email for quite sometime and am encouraged with the way God uses your site to “educate” and provide wisdom to me. With my husband currently unemployed (due to health reasons) we are taking what extremes measures we can to stretch my paycheck. God is faithful!Please keep your blog going! We appreciate you.

  82. Would love to win this. I would use the Dave Ramsey envelope system with this.

  83. I subscribe with email.

  84. I keep track of our spending through my blog and on my computer (through Quicken and Excel).

  85. We don’t have a system yet – still looking for one that works for us. This wallet sounds great, though!

  86. Jill Mendel says:

    We don’t have a budgeting system yet, but we are trying to find the best one for us to begin using on 1/1/11. This would be great!

  87. Our bills go on our credit card which in turn is paid automatically (the full amount) at the end of the month from our chequing account.

  88. Subscribe by email.

  89. Follow them on twitter. @randi094

  90. I do the envelope cash system for groceries, eat out, and spending money. The rest (bills, gas, and such) go on the credit card that gets us cashback (we don’t carry a balance, pay off every month). It’s been great!

  91. I follow on Google reader!

  92. I prefer an envelope system, although I haven’t put it into practice yet. I plan to on January 1st.

  93. I like you on facebook and subscribe to your feed with google feed reader.

  94. I like savvy cents on facebook and twitter.

  95. I do the Dave Ramsey system too, but currently use plain old envelopes. They get pretty beat up (and lost in my purse), so I would love to have a wallet like this!

  96. We follow the cash system and LOVE it.

  97. We are also Dave Ramsey-ers. We use a cash system for our grocery/eat out budget. My husband and I have also found that telling each other when we buy something – even if it’s just a coffee – makes us think twice about making that purchase!

  98. I need a budget so anything would help! ;0)

  99. I use the envelope system. This would work great for this!

  100. I’m with Cindy – I use mainly credit cards for the (cash back) rewards, but I pay the balance in full every month. I use a spreadsheet to track spendings my category, which is another thing that credit cards make easier.

  101. Google Reader subscriber.

  102. ashley phillips says:

    I do my budget on the computer. Have been thinking I need to do the cash system or would love to try it so this would be great to win.

  103. ashley phillips says:

    I am a face book fan.

  104. ashley phillips says:

    I subscribed by email. Thank you!

  105. We use the cash system

  106. I subscribe via email

  107. I am a fan on facebook

  108. We have used a cash system… but have not kept it up. This would be so helpful!

  109. We have moved to the cash system (as of 2 yrs ago). Since then, the tension (caused by money related matters) between my husband and me has been cut down by 90-95%. There is nothing to really argue about. Either there is money budgeted for an item or there isn’t.

  110. I subscribed via email.

  111. pamela james says:

    I have no budgeting system!

  112. pamela james says:

    email subscriber.

  113. We’ve fallen by the budget wayside. 🙁 I’ve wanted to do the cash system and I too think this would be so helpful!

  114. We keep track on spreadsheets we made ourselves. Our best budget trick is the Freedom Fund, in which we put aside a certain amount each month for things like car maintenance, tags and insurance, etc. Then when we have a car repair bill or need new glasses, we can afford it, because the money is already there.

  115. We use the Dave Ramsey System!! Our envelopes are paper and are getting worn though!

  116. Subscriber!

  117. Like Savvy cents on FB.

  118. My husband keeps close track of where and what we are spending our money on, but we do not have a set budget system we follow. I wish we did. Maybe this wallet could help us out. 🙂

  119. I subscribe via email.

  120. We have had marginal success with the envelope system but I think that has everything to do with the cumbersome envelopes and more. This is brilliant if I was hosting the giveaway, I’d want to keep it too =) Thanks!

  121. We use the envelope system…it works for us!

  122. I Follow Savvycents on Facebook 🙂

  123. I am a fan of The Finer Things in Life on Facebook.

  124. Jennifer Sessoms says:

    I don’t do cash budgeting, but my sister does and it works well for her so I may give it a try.

  125. I use only cash

  126. I prefer cash-only system, but sometimes it’s hard for me to get to the bank before my weekly shopping begins. This wallet looks great!

  127. I would love to receive the Savvycents wallet. I current do not use a cash budgeting system but would be willing. I also save coupons.

  128. what a FUN thing to come up with…why didn’t i think of it?:) i use envelopes in my wallet and LOVE paying with cash, rather than card, because if the $ is in that envelope, that i don’t have to feel guilty for spending it on whatever i’m purchasing, it’s so freeing! sometimes i “rob peter to pay paul” but overall, it just feels responsible for our family. we’re a family of 6 with 1 income so spending wisely, and SAVING SMARTLY;) blesses us!!!

  129. We use what we have when its gone its gone. Not a great system but it works for us right now.

  130. I subscribe to email

  131. envelope system (Dave Ramsey)

  132. I also subscribe Thanks

  133. Michelle M says:

    I am working the cash system 90% of the time.

  134. Michelle M says:

    I follow Finer Things via Google Reader!

  135. SO excited about this product! I swear that one of my hangups with being disciplined about envelope budgeting and couponing is the bulk of having it all with me. Love these and hope to win one, otherwise, I’ll have to ask for it for Christmas for sure!

  136. I subscribed to your RSS

  137. I follow Savvycents on Twitter

  138. I’m curious about this system….but I think my sister would really find it handy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  139. And I follow you by RSS… thanks

  140. We use Dave Ramsey’s system. We do a monthly budget and use envelopes.

  141. I subscribe in a reader.

  142. We are really trying to follow Dave Ramsey!

  143. We use a debit card but I really want to try the cash system.

  144. i really like to use my lists I make for each month it has worked for years and coupons for CVS

  145. i like u on Fb as Amber Lusk MacDonald

  146. follow them on twitter as Amber01sw

  147. I prefer to do things electronically…online banking, automatic bill pay, budgeting via Excel spreadsheets

  148. I like Saavycents on facebook (@emmy coffee)

  149. I like The Finer Things in Life on facebook (@emmy coffee)

  150. Andrea Watts says:

    I prefer cash but never do it. I need help lol!

  151. Andrea Watts says:

    RSS subscriber

  152. Andrea Watts says:

    I follow Savvycents on Twitter

  153. I always wanted to try the Cash system. This would be great, if I win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  154. Follow SavvyCents on Twitter: (at)thabal628.

  155. Samantharae says:

    We started the cash system (Dave Ramsey) at the beginning of November, and failed miserably, we just kept getting cash out of the bank when we ran out. If I was to win this, I think this would definitely keep me on track on to how much of each category I have left. 🙂

  156. Samantharae says:

    I am am follower via facebook!

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