Rubbermaid® All AccessTM storage ~ I’ll take 20!

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When this opportunity came to my inbox, the kids were "cleaning up outside."  I had them pile all of the yard randomness in one spot and put it away from there.  Oy!

I had to laugh when I read, "Create a post discussing your home organization – are you overwhelmed by the idea of keeping your home clutter free? Do you think there is a place in your home organization routine to incorporate Rubbermaid® All AccessTM storage containers?"

Um, I'll take 20 of 'em!  Ha!  Seriously though, do they know me or what?!  The Clutter Monster rears its ugly head around here frequently, and taming it is a constant chore.  There is stuff all over the place!  As our children get older it's more important to involve them in the process, and that chore is smoother if we follow a few guidelines.

Everything has a place.

"Put your things away," doesn't pack a punch if they don't know where to put them! 

Organize frequently.

Yes, it may seem sometimes like that's all we get done, but what's worse is when we neglect regular cleanups and end up with a massive mess that mom has to tackle by herself.  Been there, done that. 

Cull often. 

I try to make it easy for my kids to get rid of things.  We talk about how it's okay to part with a gift if it's not something you play with or love.  Utilizing bins such as Rubbermaid® All AccessTM storage containers helps the kids stick with boundaries.  If the stuff doesn't fit, we must make choices and get rid of something. 

Rubbermaid® All AccessTM organizers have a drop-down door, so kids can access items even when the containers are stacked.  This is great news for our tight quarters; vertical storage is where it's at!

All Access comes in a variety of colors and can be used throughout the home. They’re great for organizing garages, closets, children’s toys, craft rooms, offices, laundry rooms, dorms, and more.  (Oooo, what a great graduation gift idea.  It's time to start thinking about that…)

Rubbermaid® All AccessTM organizers can be found at Walmart stores across the country.

How do you keep stuff from spilling into every corner of your home? 

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  1. Ugh….I feel like there are piles everywhere and that I have to get them put away too!

    How much are these nifty tubs?

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