Ride the Wave {Get it Together ~ Day 31}

October was a crazy month.  In the throes of football season and Saturday morning breakfasts, this year we added Saturday volleyball and soccer.  I even coached!  Toss in an unexpected week at the hospital, a random stomach bug, and a teething toddler getting three molars at once, and let’s just say I didn’t take the time to organize the sock drawer and clean behind the oven.

One of the reasons I’m determined to Get it Together is so when life happens and I’m thrown off, my home can absorb the waves.  If the cleaning is done most of the time, when meal planning and prepping is happening most of the time, then the impact of an off day (or week) isn’t so harsh.

I won’t claim to be reformed this month, and I can’t blame the chaos.  If anything, participating in the 31 Days series brought to the surface the things I need to work on to make our house a peaceful home.  That’s what I desire!

If the balls you’re juggling are bouncing in heaps all over the floor, don’t lose hope!  Getting it together is not an overnight project.  It takes time and diligence, and that’s why this challenge isn’t ending for me.  I won’t be blogging it every day, but will continue to occasionally post my triumphs and struggles over on Facebook.  Be sure to commiserate with me, or give me a kick in the pants, over there!

Let’s talk positive tonight.  We’re all doing something right.  😉  In what aspect of your life do you most have it together? 

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  1. I’ve been following this series and i want to say thanks because so many of the issues you raised are mine as well. Cleaning is one of my biggest problems. I’m full of plans and good intentions but i never seem to get into a schedule that works.

    The things i get right consistently are the meals and the laundry. The everyday things. I am not a big project person….

  2. Thank you for all that you do! These last 31 days I checked every single one of them to help me get it together. I work outside the home and I struggle so much but your words were so very encouraging. Thanks for your posts and keep them coming!

  3. I’m good with laundry! It’s the one area of my home that feels effortless.

  4. Thanks for this series! I’ve been floundering since baby #3 came this summer and I needed the advice and encouragement.

  5. I don’t have an answer for your question–I just want to say thanks for the way you’ve done this series. You’ve made it about more than just crossing items off a to-do list or (worse) being a Martha Stewart-type perfectionist. There’s been such a great emphasis on “getting it together” in a realistic fashion and the way that will help us and our families love others. Very inspiring!

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