Rice Krispy Roll

Wanna ramp up your Rice Krispy Treats a chocolaty, peanut buttery notch?  Look no further!

Rice Krispy Roll


Rice Krispy Roll

    • 10 oz. package marshmallows
    • 1/4 c. butter
    • 1/4 c. peanut butter
    • 5 1/2 c. Rice Krispy Cereal (generic is fine)
    • 1 1/3 c. chocolate chips
    • 3/4 c. butterscotch chips
    • Line a 15×10 pan with wax paper, buttered.

Melt marshmallows, butter and peanut butter.  Stir until smooth and well blended.  Stir in cereal.  Spread on top of wax paper.  ** I take another sheet of buttered wax paper on top and squish it to the edges of the pan.

Melt and stir the chocolate and butterscotch chips.  Spread melted chips over the cereal mixture, leaving about 1 inch on each of the long sides.

Roll the cereal mixture from the long side, peeling back the wax paper as you go.

Chill in the refrigerator until firm.  Slice into ½-1 inch circles.



**Once started, you need to be rather quick with the assembly and rolling, or it will get stiff and be difficult to roll.



  1. Seriously? It’s like you KNEW I had butterscotch chips to use up. 😉 Looks yummy!

  2. Yum! These look so good!!

  3. Chocolate sushi !! LOL

  4. These look so delicious! I will have to try them soon (and send over half to work with hubby so I don’t eat them all!)

  5. These look SO good! Hubby doesn’t like butterscotch, though. Guess that means more for me. 😉

  6. OH MY GOSH! You just kicked it up a huge notch. I make these but in a “bar” form. Never thought to roll them up. You rock, Amy! And yes, it is the MOST addicting flavors all together in one bite!

  7. YUM! Must try these soon!

  8. YUM…that’s really all I can say!!!

  9. A mom brought these to my sons Christmas party at school. They are AWESOME. She said she takes them to every potluck and party she goes to and NEVER comes home w/extras. Wonder if you could shape into a football for a superbowl party?

    • What a great idea! I bet they’d smoosh very nicely in a football-shaped pan and then you could just slather the chocolate/butterscotch over the top!

  10. Wow! That looks awesome! And terrible…for my DIET! 🙂

  11. One word, “YUM!” Probably not a good idea for me to be looking at this on an empty stomach.

  12. ok, seriously, i have been looking for a recipe to make chocolatey peanutbuttery rice crispy treats and haven’t been able to find one. thank you so much! (from my heart, not my thighs!)

  13. That’s such a creative way to make rice crispy treats. I’m adding this one to my list.

  14. This is genius! Looks so yummy!!

  15. Oh my! I better never make these or I’ll gain 10 lbs!!! Those look so good!

  16. Where do you come up with such delicious desserts? I can’t wait to try it!

  17. Yummy!! I will have to go check my pantry for all the ingredients now! Lol 🙂

  18. OH MY. You’re bringing one of these to Blissdom, right? RIGHT?!!

  19. That looks amazingly good!!

  20. Who doesn’t like Rice Krispy Treats! I’ve never seen this before, and it does look good!

  21. Grown up rice crispie treats with butterscoth, peanut butter and chocolate- yummy!

  22. Wow, sounds beyond yummy!

  23. This looks WONDERFUL…thanks for the recipe.
    xo bj

  24. This looks positively divine! YUM!


    Sheila 🙂

  25. That looks very yummy. My kids would love it.

  26. What a fun semi easy dessert, I bet this would be great to serve on superbowl, I am collecting a list for my blog and would love to include this one.

  27. OH MY! OH MY! That might just become a House of Hills staple. That looks DIVINE!!! Going to the calendar to see when it’s my turn next to cook for small group. OH MY! OH MY!

  28. um, seriously … that looks delicious!!!

  29. Wow! That is all there is to say about that. 🙂

  30. YUM! Grocery store tomorrow, may have to add this to my list!~ Thanks for sharing.

  31. My kids love Rice Krispie Treats-me eh. These I will love! Chocolate and butterscotch? Amazing! I love the whole roll up idea!

  32. This does take the old recipe to a new level. It makes me smile and remember the old television commercial.

  33. What a neat variation on a classic!


  34. I am bookmarking this recipe. My daughters would love it!

  35. I LOVE RK treats – this really does take them up a notch!! Thanks for the step-by-step, too!

  36. Designs by Gollum says:

    I love retro desserts. Each taste summons a memory. Thanks so much!

  37. Yum! This would be good with Nutella, too.

  38. Oh, look so yummy. My daughter would love this one. TFS

  39. Do I have to share these with my boys?

  40. that is the cutest idea. I have no creative ability at all and never come up with neat stuff like this. I can’t wait to try it out though.

  41. Oh seriously…those look delicious!

  42. Yum. Linked. Hope you’re having a fun trip!

  43. My kids are going to love you!

  44. oh my word this is amazing! My hubby loves rice krispie treats – and my father in law loves anything involving chocolate and peanut butter! Guess I will make this for Christmas 🙂


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