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Resetting After a Holiday

Ah, the Holiday Aftermath.  For us, it means Layered Chocolate Pie Dessert [3] everywhere.  😉  Back to school, back to menu planning, and back to a routine.  Time to reset [4]after a holiday!


Reset My Time

If I don’t tell my time [5] what to do, it disappears, much like many people with their money.  Getting up early helps, but so does the Time Budget, made famous by my friend Amy Andrews.  When I follow it (the key to unlocking the mysteries of the world, I’m sure), it works.  If you are new to the time budget, go grab Amy’s Tell Your Time [5] for FREE on Amazon!

Reset Our Meals

So, as it turns out, my family still wants to eat after Thanksgiving.  Humph.  Meal planning after a few lax days is critical to my sanity.  I start by making sure we have homemade granola [6] at the ready for Monday morning.  Also, many of our meals this week will be made into double or triple batches, which will save me some minutes down the road.  Here’s what we’re eating:

Reset Our Home

Kudos to my husband, who got quite a few projects done during break.  Our kids’ rooms actually look pretty spiffy right now, too, but there is still (always) much to be done.  I’d like to give the house a once-over this week before we get our Christmas things out next weekend.  If I can tackle a room a day, in addition to the regular laundry/dishes/messes, we should be good to go.

Getting back on track after a holiday or vacation takes a little discipline and some motivation (both of which I have to fight for), but diving right in full-speed gets me going in the right direction.  No sense in staying derailed!

How do you get back on track?