Let’s file this one under Things I Wish I Would Have Known About Sooner, shall we?

Just today I got on my Recyclebank account and earned over 100 points clicking around on their Green Your Vacation contest section.  Those points can now be redeemed for a variety of posted rewards or coupons.  The one that caught my eye was a $5 off $50 coupon at my local grocery store for 50 points.  Not a huge savings, but $5 is $5, right?!

Whether you pledge to use less energy, increase your at-home recycling or even just learn how you can increase the green in your home and neighborhood, Recyclebank will reward you through grocery store savings, drugstore coupons, and discounts on the brands you buy every day. This way, you reap the rewards of not only brightening your community and helping your environment, but also truly benefit from meaningful savings.

You can also snag a free McDonald’s ice cream cone for 100 points, if you’re so inclined.  😉  Click here to sign up!

Go ahead.  Embarrass me.  Am I the last one to know?

*** If you click through one of my links and sign up for Recyclebank, I get 10 bonus points.  You can share with your friends, too, and earn points for yourself!

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  1. So I learn about most new things from YOU, Amy, but I actually was already signed up for this one. 😉 (Pretty sure I heard about it from Crystal awhile back.)

    • I think I’ve been signed up for a while and just never look at my account. How often do you go in to earn new points? Is it just “one more thing” to do?

      • Honestly, I never even look at it unless Crystal mentions a deal I’m interested in. That’s probably not the most efficient way to earn points, but it’s worked out for me well enough. 😉

  2. Jennifer says:

    I just registered (through you link) Thanks for the heads up! I was looking for the $ off at the grocery store (I’m from KS too) and couldn’t find it, could you tell me what category it’s under?

    • I found it under “food and beverage.” My guess is that they have some “local” deals based on your registered zip code. Otherwise, no way would that tiny grocery store show up. 😉

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