Recipes Using Oats

October 29 is National Oatmeal Day.  Yes, they really do have a day for everything!

While my my boys would happily eat a hot bowl of oatmeal with raisins every morning for breakfast, my girls only tolerate it, and my husband won’t touch the “mushy stuff.”  We still get our fair share of oats, though.  Enough that I order them in 25 pound bags from our food co-op!

Some of our favorite oat-filled recipes can be found in my Recipe Index:

Basic Granola {with lots of variations}

Fruity Oatmeal Pancakes

Barbecue Meatballs

Mini Meatloaf Mounds

No Bake Cookies

Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies

Monster Cookies

Apple Crisp

In trying to find creative ways to serve up more oats for breakfast, I turn to my expert friends. Lynn is the queen of baked oatmeal, and serves up lots of varieties to her family.  JessieLeigh makes so many delicious kinds of oatmeal for her family, that she put together a free Oatmeal Ebook to inspire our breakfasts.  Enjoy!

What’s your favorite way to serve up fiber-rich oats?



  1. Hershey’s Cinnamon Chip Oatmeal Cookies – our oldest son won a blue ribbon for these at the county fair when he was 10. Oatmeal Cranberry Scones – what will be accompanying our frittata at tonight’s dinner table. I have been making large batches and freezing individual portions, so that we can have them warm from the oven for morning breakfast. Had to say that cause we eat evening breakfast a lot, ha!

    Amy – thanks for the reminder that I need to look into getting my oatmeal bulk, and hopefully organic, from Azure 😉

  2. I’ve been making lactation cookies with oats! They’re so good my brother-in-law eats most of them when he’s here on the weekends, so I wind up having to make a triple batch and hide one of them in my makeup bag, which is so far the only place he won’t look.

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