Real(er) Food Soda Alternative

It nearly pained me to type “soda” up there, because it’s POP, people.  POP.  😉

Real Food Soda Alternative

May completely got away from me, but I’m clawing my way back to writing before June escapes, too!  Here’s a Keeping it Real review if you wish.

I don’t know too many people who don’t enjoy a little fizz every now and again, myself included.  (Serve it up with some Sonic ice, and I’m your new BFF.)  But pop?  Yep.  Pretty much on the naughty list, any way you pour it.  And don’t be thinking that diet is better for you.  It’s not!  Aspartame may very well be the devil.

I’m all about calling a spade a spade, and sometimes I like to drink a little spade.  So there.  But for me, and for our kids, it’s mostly about the fizz.  That cold fizz has some serious appeal!

While it may not cure your craving for Cherry Pepsi, I was reminded of this little Real(er) Food trick as I’m battling a nasty summer cold.  (What’s next, right?)  You know, with the icky congestion that gets caught in your throat?  The kind that some fizz just “burns” away and it feels oh, so good?

Keep your fizz.  Buy some club soda or seltzer water.  It has no flavor.  Just fizz.  Add some flavor with 100% juice.  Perfect solution?  Perhaps not.  Much better treat for the kids, for your icky throat, or for when you just need a little carbonation already?!  Yep!  I go about 3/4 fizzy water to 1/4 juice, but rock the combo that works for you!



April Grocery Total:  $434.21


May Grocery Total:  $456.82

  • 5/04 Bulk Food Store $17.44 ~ 2 pounds yeast, liquid aminos, something else that I can’t remember…
  • 5/07 Local Shop $9.08 ~ butter, sugar
  • 5/05 WalMart $19.62 ~ I’m looking at the receipt, and don’t even remember what some of this is!  Birthday stuff for Miss 10, I suppose.  I do see sunflower seeds, trail mix, and ice cream.  Then there’s “KAJ grape” and “KAJ kiwi strawberry”  That was pre-Disney.  I have no idea…
  • 5/08 WalMart $48.78 ~ Lance was sick the day before we left for Florida.  I have NO IDEA what all he bought, in addition to a prescription.  I’m sure some of this wasn’t groceries, but I don’t have the receipt on me, so whatever.  I’m thankful we don’t have to keep track THAT closely.
  • 5/18 Dillons $73.42 (first shopping trip back from Disney!) ~ ballgame snacks, brown sugar, cheese, butter, Hebrew National hotdogs, eggs, ranch dressing, sugar, half and half, whipping cream (made ice cream!), milk, tortillas, potatoes, broccoli, lettuce, onions, oranges, apples, cucumbers, avocados
  • 5/18 WalMart $46.77 ~ 5 plants for the garden, 3 “yes mom” field trip meals, peanut butter, garlic powder, frozen veggies
  • 5/20 IGA $61.61 ~ 10 pounds bacon, rhubarb, roast beef, grilling sausages, and I can’t remember what else…
  • 5/26 Dillons $68.41 ~ sausage, veggie sticks, milk, hot dogs, cheese (lots of cheese!), butter, cottage cheese, sour cream, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, eggs, tomato paste, unbleached flour, apples, bananas, sugar, brown sugar, oranges
  • 5/29 Azure $111.69 ~ 5 lb. sunflower seed kernels, 5 lb. brown rice, case diced tomatoes, case tomato sauce, 25 pounds white whole wheat flour, 5 pounds raw cheddar cheese, 5 pounds baking powder

June Groceries So Far: $144.68

  • 6/1 Tropical Traditions $38.00 ~ 12 pounds hamburger ~ I had credit, paid shipping only.  (We were completely OUT otherwise, but I found meat!  Lance is going to pick it up from the butcher right now!)
  • 6/4 Walmart $19.22 ~ butter, eggs, bananas, milk, avocados, strawberries
  • 6/6 Walmart $21.05 ~ bread, oranges, pickles, string cheese, crackers, bananas
  • 6/9 Dillons $9.00 ~ grapes, graham crackers, wheat squares (softball tournament survival)
  • 6/11 Dillons $30.74 ~ eggs, organic salad, potatoes, frozen peas, tortillas, milk, sour cream, bananas, oranges, yogurt, veggie sticks (I like to pretend these are a little better than chips…)
  • 6/12 WalMart $22.05 ~ hamburger and hotdog buns, cinnamon, seltzer, juice, tuna, whipping cream, half and half, milk, potatoes, eggs, strawberries
  • 6/12 Dillons $4.62 ~ because WalMart was OUT of bananas, and I found some brussel sprouts marked down


So… pop? soda? coke?  What say you?


  1. It’s coke. Always.

    As in…
    -“hey, you want a coke?”
    -“Sure, grab me a sprite out of the coke machine”.

    But then again, I’m from Alabama where you mash buttons and push a buggy around the grocery store. 🙂

  2. Cori May says:

    I grew up calling it pop but sometimes call it soda now because that’s what my husband calls it!

  3. Rebecca says:

    There is a study out of a university in North Carolina that plots out visually on a map words that are pronounced different or said different throughout the US. If you haven’t seen it, you should try to find it. I saw it on more than one friend’s Facebook post. Soda/pop/coke was one of them as well as how to say pecan.

    • Ha! Yes, that’s what the blue link goes to. I should have been more obvious about that… I was VERY Kansan in that study. 🙂

  4. Coke…. everything is always coke! But we lived in Idaho for awhile and it was “soda” up there. OH and I agree with Elizabeth – we push buggies in the grocery store … but in Idaho – they laughed at me and told me it was a “cart”. Whatevs. 😉

    • “Buggies” is even stranger to me than coke! lol Actually the first time I ever even heard that term was when a blogging friend from Texas used it!

      While you’re here… your golf bag cake. AMAZING!

      • LOL! I didn’t know that everybody didn’t call them buggies until we moved to Idaho and I got laughed at! This little Mississippi girl was very sheltered back then! And thank you (about the cake) – it was so much fun to do that design!

  5. Michelle says:

    It’s pop for me too, completely Kansas here, even though I now live just over the border in Missouri…funny story though, in College, there was a gal who lived in my dorm, from Wisconsin, she called turn signals (as in what you use in your car) – directionals…say WHA!?!??! That one was so odd to me 🙂 Another guy who lived in our dorm from Arizona called intersections “crossroads”…another foreign one to me, but less odd than “directionals”.

  6. It’s pop. Last summer I met some people that called the water fountain the “bubbler”. We started doing the juice and club soda as a reward when potty training since there was nothing more my 3 year old wanted than to have pop.

    • That’s too funny! I’m from Wisconsin, and it’s one of “those things” around here to call it a bubbler. It’s actually a Kohler brand of water fountain. But it really gets talked about around here. Especially in my house, my husband is a Yooper (upper Michigan.)

    • They must have been from eastern WI. That’s were I grew up and what I learned to call them. Still remember my first day in Bible College in MN and asking for a bubbler. Folks thought I was absolutely out of my head. Learned REAL quick to call it water fountain (that’s what you find in the park with the water squirting every where!). Also had to learn buggy, co-cola, and roots (route) and a whole host of new terminology when my husband and I lived in south GA. Now in the Pacific NW, don’t even get me started! As for the discussion at hand–soda/pop,etc, I’ve moved so many times and had to call it so many different things I don’t even remember what I grew up calling it. When in Rome call it whatever the Romans do!

    • Use it for potty training! That’s brilliant! My 2yo has NO interest yet. Maybe that would make him interested. 🙂

  7. This is a great idea. We don’t drink pop/coke (That’s what we call it.) very often, but it would be nice to have an alternative when something fizzy for upset tummies.

    • Yes! I need to keep a bottle in the basement “out of sight out of mind” so we have it for emergencies, too.

  8. My husband introduced me to orange juice and club soda as homemade Orangina. He drinks so much club soda, straight up or with juice, I bought him a Sodastream for this birthday.

    • Oh, do you love the sodastream? I’d like to know more… my hubby would drink pop if it was cheap and not terrible for him.

      • I thought it would be a fad thing and once the first CO2 cartridge emptied he would get bored and not use it. That didn’t happen. Most of the time he makes plain seltzer water with it and drinks it straight up. We have a couple of the syrups to make soda pop when guest come over and it was nice having ginger ale on demand when I was sick last winter but we don’t use them very often because we aren’t big pop drinkers.

  9. Soda. I didn’t know it could be called anything else until as an adult I moved about 5 hours west (from NEPA to western PA) and people were drinking “pop” It took me a while to figure it out….I think someone called it soda pop and then I realized.

  10. Justina says:

    If you want a truly healthy & awesome fizzy drink, use club soda or selzer and add several drops of lemon essential oil (only the good stuff though that is made without chemicals and ingestible…don’t grab it off the shelf at ANY store even Whole Foods and places like that!). You could also use wild orange, grapefruit, or lime essential oil!

    Delicious, addicting, and just the opposite of pop/soda/coke in that it is actually providing a health benefit. Enjoy!!

  11. It’s coke, always, no matter the brand or variety!

  12. Well, here’s a different one. I always called them “soft drinks.” Grew up in western North Carolina. Now I would call it “soda” in order to be understood (living out west now).

    I also relate to the “buggy” in the grocery store, while most call them “carts.”

    A “toboggan” is a winter hat.

    “Pocket book” is a purse to most.

    Interesting how we can grow up learning such different names for the same things in this country! Fun to share and laugh about it!

  13. Great idea! seltzer water and juice! I’m going to try this with my son!

  14. First of all, I’m late to the party…..growing up in the Piedmont of NC, we pushed buggies through the grocery store, put coca-cola or just cola into those buggies (but only as a RARE treat, we mainly drank sweet tea), then the bagger put the groceries into a poke. As I got older, the area in which I lived grew more “refined”. Most still pushed buggies through the grocery store, but they bought soft drinks (though for some reason, I call them sodas….go figure) and the items were put into a bag. Now I live in upstate NY, and buggies are what the Amish use for transportation. I have NO idea what peoples call a fizzy beverage…kinda sad since I have lived here for 5 years. However, I know that the locals are very opinionated about their “adult” beverages.
    As I have moved toward a healthier lifestyle, I sometimes do the seltzer water/juice thing; BUT most of the time, I drink San Pellegrino for my “everyday” fizzy and search out artisan root beers and colas made with cane sugar for those rare treats.


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