Random Finer Things


1.  These two are becoming great friends.

2.  She is full-blown on the move, which is both petrifying and thrilling.

3.  We picked up a stranded motorist last night and drove her 20 miles to her (temporary) destination.  Our 7yo overheard her phone conversation with her daughter, then whispered to me, “I’m glad she’s not homeless, Mom.”  So sweet, that one.  (By the way, not as scary as it sounds.  We were careful.  Turns out she knows my mom from the hospital they both worked at.  It’s a small world after all…)

4.  Three of my nieces, ages 5, 3, and not quite 2, stayed with us Wednesday night (because what’s one ~ or three ~ more, right?!) and everyone slept through the night!  Wheee!

5.  I received a surprise this week that has made me all sorts of scatterbrained (even more than usual! and no ~ not pregnant) and I am absolutely bursting at the seams.  But I like surprises, and I’m keeping it that way.  For now.

6.  We made a 5 hour round-trip drive to a ballgame yesterday, and baby girl didn’t fuss once.  Holla!

7.  At the ballgame we ran into and got to visit with my high school typing teacher, who left my hometown eighteen years ago, and we chatted about my upcoming 20 year class reunion.  (Deep breath.  Gettin’ old isn’t so bad…)

8.  There is rain in the forecast for the weekend!

9.  Cinnamon Roll Cookies.  and Cinnamon Roll Pizza.  Yes.  Recipes coming.  (Which is rather hilarious for those of you who know that I’m working on my real food series…)

10.  Baby girl is in head to toe fleece today, and it’s cloudy outside.  Oh, and it’s Friday.  There is lots of cuddling in my immediate future!  🙂

What Finer Things are you celebrating this week? Link up and let us know!

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  1. U saw Our Teacher, I must get details!!!

    • He’s good. Still where he went when he left us. His “baby” brother is now getting ready to take over the family farm. We mostly laughed at how my parents have 14 grandkids now and how we’re preparing for our TWENTY year reunion. Oy!

      • You have to keep rubbing that in don’t you!!! Keep this up and you might push me into a mid-life crisis and I’ll have to run another marathon….

  2. I am celebrating my daughter turning 2 this week and being able to pull off a decorated cake! I am not very creative so this was a big accomplishment for me!

  3. The expression on your little guys face is priceless 🙂 Celebrating sunshine here!

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