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I know many families use their weekend to plan and prepare for the week ahead, and I say do what works for you, but… that doesn’t always work for us.  Our weekends right now consist of teenage boys crowding our dining room table for breakfast at 7am Saturday morning, then sprawled on our living room floor watching game film until about 9.  After that we’re out the door to our own kids’ soccer and volleyball games.  While we’re in town we storm the grocery store, then we come home to eat, nap (if I’m lucky!), and head to church at 7pm.

Yesterday we got up and headed out the door to spend the day with my side of the family.  Happy Chaos, is what that’s called with 8 adults and 14 children ages 10 and under.  No rest for the weary!  When we got home last night, our house was a wreck from our “drop and go” weekend, and it remains a wreck this morning.  (Don’t you wish my camera battery hadn’t died and I could share the mess?)

Dishes piled, laundry mounting, bathroom just plain gross.  Stuff everywhere.  (I’ve told you before my house is perfect and my life is charmed, right?  😉  )

It’s Monday morning, friends, and the chaos stops here.  Monday is when I push the Reset Button, and take back control of my home.  If I can get a good start this morning, the momentum will likely carry me through the week ahead.   Here’s how I’m doing it:

Start early.

Let me tell you, my eyes were not happy with the 5AM alarm this morning, and neither was the rest of me.  Oh, so tempting it was to roll over and stay put an extra two hours, and tomorrow morning I will do just that.  Today, though, up and at ’em.  Once I was up and had a light on, it really wasn’t all that bad.


My up and at ’em was spurred by my 5:30AM Zumba toning class.  If I don’t exercise first thing in the morning, it truly might not happen the rest of the day.  Plus, there is nothing quite as energizing as blood pumping through your veins to the tune of obnoxiously loud music.  Sure beats a caffeine rush and crash!

Stay home.

I work very hard to make sure we have no reason to leave the house most Mondays, especially Monday mornings.  Appointments and errands with little people in tow take the better part of a day, and I can’t afford to break up my Monday like that.  Groceries, doctors, bank and post office all have to wait until I get it together.

Keep meals simple.

I like to feed my family a hearty breakfast in the morning, but on Reset Mondays we keep it simple.  This is why I keep a batch of lazy granola at the ready.  The kids and I had peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal.  Easy.  Quick.  Hearty.  Let’s get this show on the road!

I also don’t want to spend the whole day in the kitchen making lunch or supper tonight.  I’ll eat leftovers for lunch and we’re having a simple spinach oven omelet, sweet potato muffins, and sliced apples for supper.  I can spend more time cooking later in the week, but today is all about recovery!

Do the obvious.

It’s hard to know where to start when the to-do list is long and obnoxious.  There is much to do.  The easiest thing for me is to simply start at the front of the house and work my way back, fixing the things that embarrass me the most.  (Yes, the truth.  Wow, aren’t you glad you’re not coming to my house today?!)  I’ll also keep the laundry going (oh my word, the laundry wants to eat me alive with seven people living in this house!) because other than the folding, it pretty much takes care of itself while I do other things.

Don’t sit down.

Well now.  That’s not an easy one with a nursing baby.  My rule actually is “don’t sit down unless I’m nursing the baby.”  I’m a master two-handed typer while nursing, so I can do all my computer work (and playing around) while nursing.  I can also read books to my little guy while nursing.  So, if I’m not nursing, I need to be up and at ’em getting things done (and stay off the computer!).

Keep paper at hand.

I think of things to do, groceries to buy, meals to fix (we’re having pork chops tomorrow and I’m making enough to have leftovers so we can have pork fried rice later in the week), world crises to solve, all while scrubbing the tub and vacuuming the floor.  It’s handy for me to have my planner and/or a piece of paper out on the counter to write all this stuff down when it comes to me.  Then I can deal with it later.

Press on to the reward.

There is an end in site, and for me it is a couple of guilty pleasure tv shows that Lance and I like to watch on Monday evenings.  They are senseless and brainless and absolutely hilarious.  If I get done what I need to get done today, don’t be calling me this evening because I will be firmly planted in front of the tv for an hour.

Things are out of control right now, but I’m about to reign them in.  Ready, set, go!

How do you press the reset button for a new week?


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  1. Almost you persuade me to get up my rumpus and charge around the house cleaning up and doing laundry.


  2. I love this post, Amy. While my weekly schedule/to-do method is different from yours, I still nodded along while reading this. Anytime I feel overwhelmed, I tell myself, “Just get going and keep going.” Honestly, that’s all I have to do. If I just start and keep working, it’ll all get done. (As least well enough that I can calm down. ;))

  3. Monday is reset day at our house too, but I never thought about it that way! Love the phrase “Reset Monday” and the encouragement to keep at it 🙂

  4. I use to be relentless with the “nothing on Mondays” rule, ha! I’m with you though, it really can be a sanity saver later in the week ;). Yep, Monday is my “recoup from the weekend” day also. What spurred me this morn was the electrian calling to say he’d be at our house in an hour! I had the kitchen and mudroom spiffy in record time, lol!

  5. I love the idea of having a reset button. I read this post this morning while my house was messy from ‘weekending’. Then I got to work with a cheerful attitude! I’m happy to share the house is now orderly (my goal is tidy/orderly & not perfect!) 😉

  6. Once I get the kids on the bus, I try to get the house picked up again, laundry and dishes started and walk the dog. Yay for my routine!

  7. like this strategy! maybe i should change my reset day – monday seems to make more sense after reading your post.

  8. Love you! I hope you got all of your resets done!

  9. Do you have a babysitter to watch your baby while you go to zumba? Or does your husband or one of your other kids watch her? That’s one thing I miss is being able to go to yoga/the gym every morning– with a three month old I can’t go right now! :/

    I have the same rule though– no computer/sitting time unless I’m nursing! It works great! I do make one exception in the afternoon sometimes to take a quick nap if I can 🙂

    • That’s why I go at 5:30 in the morning. I get up at 5 and feed her if she’s not sound asleep, then she goes right back down. Lance is getting ready for school and doesn’t leave until 7:00, so it works beautifully. That’s the only time it would work beautifully, though. 😉

  10. Jessica H says:

    This is so helpful. Now I just need to figure out how I can nurse my one month old and get my computer work done. I’m not that skilled yet!

  11. I really like this idea. Weekends actually make the house more messy and I try not to clean on Sundays, so I think I will start implementing the reset Monday idea!

  12. That’s my schedule, too! We’re trying to incorporate some more down time/regrouping time into our weekends, but they’re often really hectic, mostly with church and family events. It’s intentional craziness, but it’s still craziness. My husband and daughter thrive on it, but I’m an introvert and need to recover. So Mondays–after DH has gone to work and DD has gone to school–are my reset day, too.

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