Preparing for Crazytown {and our menu this week}


Watching our cousin run the hurdles LIVE at the state track meet last week, from the comforts of home?  A Finer Thing, for sure!

Summer is officially in full swing, and it’s about to get REAL around here. 

I’m a homebody, friends.  Those of you who do this every day receive my full admiration, but for me?  The week ahead is nuts.

  • Vacation Bible School every morning, 8:45-11:30 (I teach, so I can’t just shove the kids out the door at 8:43.  Bummer!)
  • Ballgames 17 miles away 4 nights this week, at 8:30, 8:30, 7:30, and 8:30 (and 5 kids to take baths/shower each night when we get home at 10:00 so we can start all over in the morning)
  • Azure co-op drop Thursday morning (right in the middle of Bible School, but I’d feel terribly guilty about skipping since I was in Florida for our last drop.  Not sure how that’s going to work yet.)
  • Football camp all week at 6am (which has very little to do with me other than my husband will be NO HELP getting 5 kids around and out the door at 8:43 am.)
  • A two-day softball tournament next weekend, in which we will need to pack for an overnighter at the grandparents since they live way closer to this ball field than we do.

So.  Yay, summer!  :)


Courtesy photo that has nothing to do with anything, but that is one proud baby girl, lemme tell ya!

It’s all good, and since we only get this crazy once a year, I truly don’t stress about it much.  However, knowing what’s ahead does kick my laid back personality into gear a bit.  The house may be in shambles by Friday, but we will eat this week!  I’ve been preparing, friends, and there is still much to do today.  Here’s my list:

  • rice for freezer Done!
  • hard boiled eggs for lunch and for tuna salad
  • sausage pancake muffins for freezer (sausage is cooked, ran out of baking powder yesterday)
  • bacon/egg/cheese cups for freezer Done!
  • pigs in a blanket for freezer Done!
  • granola
  • ranch dressing
  • batch of bread for sandwiches
  • pizza pockets Done!

Breakfast this week will obviously need to be quick, and likely something the big kids can grab pretty much on their own.  We’ll get home right at lunch time each day, so that will have to be quick fixin’, too!  As for supper, if I haven’t passed out by then, we’re keeping it easy.  Here’s the plan:

Easy, Overnight Granola from

Breakfast (with enough to repeat twice this week)

  • bacon/egg/cheese cups (from the freezer)
  • sausage pancake muffins (from the freezer)
  • granola or oatmeal


  • pigs in a blanket (from the freezer), mac and cheese, veggies and ranch  (enough for two meals)
  • tuna salad wraps, apples
  • grilled cheese or pb&j, carrots and ranch
  • leftovers

"Take Out" Fried Rice at Home ~ Click for recipe.


Cue song:  I will survive!  I will sur-viiiii-iiive!

How do you prepare for busier-than-usual weeks?  What goes on your table?





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  1. kathleen says:

    I would love the recipe for the sausage pancake muffins?! My kids would love them!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Like you I feel like the only way I can survive a week like this is to have a meal plan like you. I don’t know how people make it through without the plan. On busy weeks like yours, I always make sure I have extra fresh fruits and vegetables cut up so that all I have to do every meal is throw those out on the table and make something simple to go with them like grilled chicken tenders or quesadillas. Also helps with the clean up. By the way, did I tell you when we are going to be in town this summer?

  3. Do you have kids who are not homebodies? Mr V and I are, especially during summer. But miss social butterfly, age 4, is already driving us bonkers. I think she’s missing the socialization of “school,” etc.

    • Luckily, we’re ALL a mixture. We’re perfectly content at home, but the kids DO want friends over if we’re not going places. Last week about did me in, though…

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