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I don’t know many (any?!) moms who can’t use the encouragement that prayer offers. Today’s Celebrating Mom! giveaway is for everyone. Jennifer O. White of Prayerfully Speaking is here to encourage us to keep believing #GodAnswers prayer. AND she is offering us her free ebook, Prayers Spoken, Lives Changed: God’s Extraordinary Love in 18 Ordinary Lives.

Celebrating Mom

Do you need encouragement to keep praying? Have you gotten weary in waiting for God to answer the cry of your heart?

The video below is an excerpt from the free ebook documenting Lyn Smith’s experience with a desperate, unanswered prayer and how it has changed her life.

This video was recorded several months ago. Jennifer and Lyn give us a little sneak peak into the “now” of Lyn’s prayer life.

Jennifer: Lyn, in the video, you explain that God taught you more about Himself and prayer through your experience of unanswered prayer. That is so encouraging. As women, we don’t like to waste anything – especially pain. So looking back at your experience, how has that long wait on God and crisis of your faith changed your prayer life today?

 Lyn: I made the decision during that dark time that no matter what, I was all in with God. As the Bible describes it, I put my hand to the plow and never looked back. I made the commitment to love and praise God no matter what He did or allowed. The way I pray today is deeper and freer because of that commitment. Releasing all my expectations to God and simply loving Him enables me to pray with abandon because I’ve already decided that whatever He wants to do is fine with me. I now pray to enjoy Him, not get things from Him.

 Jennifer: How did that experience transform you as a wife and mother?

 Lyn: Instead of agonizing over my husband and kids, I learned to release them to God. I pray faithfully and fervently for them, but with faith that God will do exactly what needs to be done. His presence with them and His will for them is better than anything I can do or dream up.

 Jennifer: How would you answer the question, “Why pray?”

Lyn: I could preach an entire sermon on this! But I’ll give four short answers:

  • God commanded it and Jesus did it so it must be good for us.
  • It is the perfect outlet for our emotions. God can handle them and address them.
  • It is the way we nurture and deepen our intimacy with God.
  • It is the path to the Holy Spirit’s power in our life.

Jennifer: If you could share one life-changing thing about prayer with someone who is waiting for breakthrough, what would it be?

Lyn: It’s worth it! It’s worth the sacrifice of time, energy and emotion. Prayer is primarily about relationship. Instead of thinking of this time as “waiting” think of it as getting to know God. Make Him the desire of your heart. Pursue Him and He will meet you in ways you can’t imagine.

God is faithfully answering people’s prayers. In Prayers Spoken, Lives Changed, you will find true accounts of His intervention in financial hardship, marriage problems, adoption delays, and more. Download your free copy today.


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