Post-Vacation Pantry Meals and This Week’s Menu

It doesn’t have to be a meal to, uh… be a meal.  We did a pretty good job of emptying the fridge before leaving for a few days last week, so upon our arrival home the pickins seemed a bit slim at first glance.  Grabbing a little of this and the last odds and ends of that provided plenty of sustenance for the day, though, and no one even seemed to know that we hadn’t been to the store yet!

Lesson learned ~ the little things add up fast, even in the freezer!  Lurking were the makings of three filling, albeit not terribly creative, meals.

Breakfast – 3 eggs, homemade hashbrowns (in the freezer), donuts (left from the birthday party the day before)

Lunch -2 brown bag burritos (freezer), 2 homemade hamburger buns (freezer), bag of turkey (freezer), carrots with homemade ranch, bag of frozen bananas and frozen strawberries for smoothies

Supperstove-popped popcorn, sliced apples (after a trip to the store)

Our fresh fruit stash is now replenished, as is our white whole wheat flour and a few other staples.  Squash and zucchini, along with bell peppers, are multiplying in the garden.  Hopefully we can continue “out with the old” mode this week with everything else, as we prepare to add a bulk order of pork and beef to the freezer soon.  Here’s what’s cookin’ (or not… we’re on our 30th day straight in triple digits.)


Snacky “Lunch” Options

“Big Meal”

Finishing strong!  Check out how my friends are doing with their own pantry challenges:


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  1. I appreciate learning from other moms who are living in the “real” world. Although I have a tendency to get hung up on the nutritional quality of each and every meal, it is just not feasible for me to cook during the summer (when it is over 90 degrees and without air conditioning). My kids actually LOVE what they call “funny dinner” which usually amounts to a protein (cheese stick, leftover hamburger or sliced nitrate-free deli meat), a carb (tortilla chips, stove-top popcorn or cinnamon whole wheat toast) and a fruit and/or vegetable. Hey, it’s still a balanced meal… just not as pretty or organized as what I “think” I should be serving. After reading this post, I will officially let go of the “Mommy guilt” and let them enjoy their mealtime creations!

  2. What are bierocks? I’ve never heard of that before.

    • Hmmm, they are a hamburger/shredded cabbage mixture stuffed in a roll. Maybe they’re called something else in other areas of the country? I’ll post the recipe when I get them made. 🙂

  3. We are temporarily living in an furnished apartment, after moving to a different state. It’s challenging cooking without my stuff and will little in the pantry. I like “It doesn’t have to be a meal to, uh… be a meal” because we aren’t eating in our normal fare. I keep reminding myself, we have food and we are doing just fine making do with what we have.

    • My husband would actually PREFER that I just “throw something together” and not spend so much time in the kitchen making the full meal deal. 😉

  4. that pork fried rice looks amazong and easy!]
    im bookmarking it and adding it to my Recipe’s I’d Love To Try Post
    I’d love if you visited my blog and checked out my Menu Plan/Pantry Challenge Update!
    Have a great week!
    From Cristin To Mommy

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