Pork Fried Rice

This recipe came about from stubbornness and determination (and possibly from fierce frugality).  It was either find something edible for the pork cutlets in my freezer (that we all hate) or pitch ’em.  We have texture issues.  😉  I’m not one to pitch food if I can help it, so I turned to google Facebook for suggestions.  You all never disappoint!

I’ve never in my life thought to cook my own fried rice, and truthfully have only eaten it a handful of times.  What an easy, fun dish to throw together!

"Take Out" Fried Rice at Home ~ Click for recipe.


*** Leftover rice is perfect for this recipe.  Freshly cooked rice is a little too wet.  If you need to cook your rice, do it as far in advance as possible, then freeze it for a while.

*** Fried rice is a fantastic “use what you have” meal.  Leftover rice, bits and pieces of whatever veggies are in the fridge or freezer, chopped up leftover meat.  It all works!

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  1. Thanks for the link!

    My family literally cheers when they see that we’re having fried rice for dinner!

  2. YUM 🙂 my husband makes something similar after holidays when we have ham in the freezer, so delicious!

  3. Nancy Thyfault says:

    Awesome. I also have 2 pork cutlets in the freezer. Now I know what to do with them tomorrow. Thanks for the recipe. It will keep me out of the store, and that’s always a good thing!!!

  4. Sounds great, and thanks for the mention! 🙂 I make fried rice all the time because my family loves it. It’s funny, when we splurge on the occasional Chinese take-out meal the fried rice doesn’t taste as good as homemade. I’m glad your family enjoys it. Like you said, such a great way to use up leftovers. 🙂

  5. I made this tonight as I had leftover grilled pork chops that I was having trouble deciding WHAT to do with.. it was delicious!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


  6. Yay! You conquered the pork cutlets! Lyle fixed them several ways and they were okay, but never anything I’d have asked to have again.

    We’ll have to try this recipe with some odd bits of meat we’ve got.

    • Yes!!!!!! I was so excited, and so was Lance. 🙂 Truly, I was ready to pitch ’em, but in little tiny bits it was actually really good! (PS — We were updating our Summer Fun list the other day… you’re still on there! It’s just too stinkin’ hot to get the baby out for much of anything during the day.)

  7. Yay! So glad to come across this recipe in your weekly menu, Amy! My husband has repeatedly asked me to try making fried rice but I was always intimidated. But this looks like something I can do!! Can’t wait to try it!!

  8. Amy Clark says:

    I just thought I’d mention real quick that someone suggested to me to use sesame seed oil as the frying oil. Oh my….it makes the rice taste nearly restaurant authentic. Try it and see! :0

    • I don’t know what made me think of it, but I grabbed my sesame oil one time and yes, it’s great! I was glad to find that out, because I bought that oil for one particular recipe and didn’t know what else I was going to do with it. ha!

  9. So glad I found this recipe! I have leftover rice, peas and cooked ground chuck in the refrigerator! So I’ll stir this up in the morning before work for my lunch. I love reading you menu ideas!

  10. Helen Jackson says:

    I thought this was wonderful. I used Birdseye Steamer peas, carrots, and green beans. Plus I has leftover pork tenderloin. Definitely going to make this again. I liked the directions because they were easy to follow. Thank you.


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