Planning an Intentional Summer

I haven’t forgotten, you know.  I’m still working on it. Often failing, but plugging away at making my precious days intentional.

A couple days ago in my Twitter stream, right about when it hit me that we’ve already been out of school for a full week, I noticed a tweet by @MamaHall, and wondered what she was up to.

Brilliance, I tell ya!  Eryn had made a colorful poster for her family with all the fun things, large and small, they wanted to accomplish over the summer, complete with little boxes to check off the activities as they are done.  I am totally stealing that idea for my own family, and we’re doing it this week! (Thanks, Eryn!)

Another resource that will help me bring the Intentional this summer is FishMama’s Summer Survival Guide.

This downloadable 200 page ebook includes:

:: 37 customizable planning pages, calendars, and worksheets for kids

:: 100+ family-friendly book and movie suggestions

:: inspiration for home management during the summer months

:: inspiration for family nights and summer reading

:: 16 Summertime learning themes looking at everything from Art to Zebras

And so much more that my head is spinning, and I know I’ll need quite a few summers to pull it all off!  The Summer Survival Guide is a very reasonable $9.00, but if you buy it on or before June 1, you can get in on FishMama’s Birthday Sale, and pay just $7.00!  Enter code 39BDAY for the discount.  (That discount code actually works for a $2 discount on any purchase of $4 or more in FishMama’s shop.)

What plans, large or small, do you have for the summer? (Want to know something scary?  There are only about 8 days on our June calendar where we have nothing scheduled to do!)



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  1. Being a former teacher, I feel compelled to write out a “summer learning program” for our daughters. 😉 I posted it last week –

    Between that, Vacation Bible School, family trips and basketball camp, I already see our summer flying by!

  2. Can I ask if it’s toddler-appropriate? I hate to spend money if it’s going to be all aimed at elementary-aged kids when my oldest is 2!

    • Ok. HUGE apologies for not answering this, um… many days ago. It’s been one of THOSE weeks. (Tell me you know what I’m talking about. Please.) Anyway, there is lots of organization-type stuff in the book. Calendars, planners, etc. that I think anyone would find helpful, and there certainly ideas for little ones, but it won’t hurt you one bit to wait another year or two for the info. 😉 I imagine you and Libbie can find plenty to do. 🙂

  3. MamaHall says:

    Great resources! Thanks for sharing! Happy Summer, friend 🙂

  4. I know her! Brilliant by association !! =)

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