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Have I told you the one about our 8 year old computer crashing the same week that I shelled out $377 (this time!) for our kids’ rotten teeth?  That wasn’t a fun week. 

Actually, it got a lot better when I checked my spam folder.  Yes.  The spam folder. And something else?  I don’t believe in coincidences.

You want details, right?  I wrote the check at the dentist that morning, so discouraged that two of our children had to go back yet again.  (The dentist is baffled by their teeth.  We take good care of them, promise!)  I got them off to school and quick checked the phone to see if anyone had called.  Yep.  The computer guy.  Ugh.  I was scared to listen to the verdict on our ancient desktop, so I didn’t.

Instead, I sat down to nurse my very patient, very hungry baby, checking email on my laptop (that has a bad battery and a bad charging cord, but my brilliant hubby swiped a cord off of an old machine, and we were making do).

Would you believe that in the spam folder was an invitation to join the Pin the Halls program with HP?  And included in the program would be an HP ENVY 20 TouchSmart AiO ?  (Um, I didn’t even know what that was, but it sounded better than a 2004 computer with a bad motherboard… which I found out about when I listened to my messages.)

Want to know how fast I jumped on that opportunity?

Fast enough that my desk now looks like this.

Isn’t it pretty?!  (Okay okay, those of you who know me know that I had to clear some clutter off of the desk before taking that photo, right?  We’re all friends here…) My children all had to take turns touching the screen.  “Oh my gosh, mom, you can click on the screen like you click on a mouse!”  Yes, yes you can.  They were also flabbergasted when I put in a cd behind the monitor.  Whoa.  It is seriously like we have a UFO in our dining room.

My husband grinned at the “one cord set up” description, saying “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  When he got home that afternoon, I assured him.  Believe!  I set it up by myself.  One cord.  Our cords are gone.  Our monstrous computer tower (with the non-working motherboard) is gone.  I am ecstatic.  You know how I am with technology and gadgets.  I’m the girl who has a pre-paid flip phone that she only sometimes remembers to take with her when leaving the house.  This is a bit of a leap for me.  😉

Something else?  Right after Christmas I’ll have a little something for one of you.  A little something to the tune of more than $300 value.  Oh, the Pin the Halls program just got a little more interesting now, didn’t it?!  Stay tuned…

As part of the Pin the Halls program, I’ve started a bit of a wishlist/gift guide Pinterest board.  On it, I’ve pinned some things I either think are fabulous or I think would be fun to have.  If you look closely, you may catch a glimpse of that giveaway I’m teasing you about!

Until then, I’ve got some learning to do.  The touch screen, Windows 8, it’s all new to me!


Disclosure:  I received the ENVY 20 TouchSmart AiO and other product compensation for my participation in the Pin the Halls program.  All opinions (on this amazing computer) are my own.

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  1. Sweet set up! You should blow this photo up to posterboard size then you can just prop it on the front of the desk with all the clutter behind and fake out anyone who drops by unannounced. 🙂

  2. Oh, I sympthasize about the teeth! At 22, I got prescription fluoride toothpaste, and I’ve only had 1 new cavity in the ensuing 6 years. (Plus some filling replacements, but those aren’t new bad teeth.)
    If that’s something you’re comfortable with, it is cost- and pain-prevention-efficient.
    Also, Nice setup!

  3. I too sympothize with the teeth. I have been told I have bad teeth even though I brushed, flossed, didnt eat a lot of sugar. A couple of years ago, i was introduced to xylitol and then dr ellie phillips’ system. I now know its the acidity in my mouth that causes my cavities. I have seen dramatic difference in my teeth. If its something you are comfortable with try it, you feel results quickly. Good luck!

  4. So know I’m curious? What is the Pin the Halls program? I’m guessing it’s something only available to serious bloggers, like yourself. When I Googled, only pulled up other bloggers who had made references on their posts. Can you divulge? ;). That’s a seriously sweet set-up you’ve got there!

    • I have no idea how they choose people for the program. We’re just trying to get the word out on some of these new products, and well… the timing turned out perfect for me! (But yes. It’s a blogger thing.)

  5. Wow – what a blessing!!

  6. How’s the new computer working out?

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