Picture This

When you wonder where Amy’s been hiding for 2 months, don’t fret. I’m healthy. The family’s healthy (and crazy). Life is good (and busy). If you think of me and wonder if I’m still celebrating the Finer Things, just picture this.


That about sums it up! 🙂


How are all of YOU?! I miss you!


  1. Kara Mayfield says:

    I miss your postings too, but as a fellow Young Living member really working her business right now….I more than understand why you are so busy–not to mention your kiddos and life! Keep being real and remember to breathe!

  2. LOL! I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing! 🙂 Glad you posted!!

  3. I looked you up on Instagram last night to see if you were still alive! Glad all is well!

  4. Missing YOU and your fun posts!!

  5. So in other words–everything is going normal in your household!! LOL! My first thought when I saw the picture was nail polish which I know you love. (Fond memories of another day.) Glad to see it was only marker. You are missed, but some things are more important than blogs. Thank you for keeping the right priorities. We’ll still be around as you get time.

  6. Thank goodness you haven’t been blogging… I just logged into my sorely neglected feed reader and had well over 900 unread posts. So thanks for not making it worse. :p

  7. Lol… this is my first time at your blog Amy, but that pic is just too cute, to not leave a comment!! Will surely picture this when my kiddo drives me up the wall! 😛
    God Bless…

  8. Really miss your blog posts!

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